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Short Questionnaire about Christmas


Read the questions and click here to answer them in a Word document


  1. Where have you been at Christmas?

  2. How often did you see your friends last Christmas?navidad

  3. How much have you spent at Christmas?

  4. Did you receive any presents?

  5. How many and which presents did you receive?

  6. What did you wear on New Year’s Eve?

  7. Did you go to the disco?

  8. How long did you stay at the disco on New Year’s Eve?

  9. How far is the disco from your house?

  10. What time did you get home on New Year’s Eve?

  11. Did you attend any religious celebrations?

  12. Did you do any homework?

  13. Did you spend much time with your family?

  14. Did any special things happen to you?

  15. Did you meet any new friends? Where and when did you meet them?