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Hello, we are Miguel Cabrera and Lorenzo Ruiz. We are two students of Secondary education and we love motorbikes. We hope that our Page is interesting for you

We like riding our motorbikes. Our motorbikes are small,but in the future we would like to have big motorbikes of 500 cc. We can be champions of the world of motorcycling.

Here you are some facts about our favourite Spanish riders:

Alex Crivillé was born in Seva, Barcelona, in March of 1970. Criville
Since he was four years old he has driven a motorbike. And he has driven his granfather’s car
since he was nine years old . He is 1’74 m. tall.

He isn´t married. His girlfriend’s name is Anna Nogué. He likes driving his motorboat and his Ferrari. He trains for four hours in a gym.


Carlos Checa was born in Barcelona, Spain, the fifteen Checaof October of 1972. He runs in the Marlboro Yamaha team. His first victory in Grand Prix was in 1993 in a 125 cc. His first victory in Grand Prix was in 1996 in a 500 cc. He has won a Grand Prix twice. He is a great pilot, but he hasn´t won any World Championships.


 Sete Gibernau was born in Barcelona (Spain), in December 1972.
Sete His team is called Repsol Ypf Honda. He hasn´t won a mundial race, but he is in a second position.



And that's all!

You can also be the best champion in the world!