St. Valentine's Day

Reading Comprehension

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heart_30x25_32.gif (568 bytes).- Read the text and say if the following statements are True or False:

1. Many people liked Emperor Claudius but St. Valentine didn’t.
2. Soldiers weren’t allowed to get married.
3. Claudius forbade people to get married because then men didn’t want to go to the army.

heart_30x25_32.gif (568 bytes).- Read the text again and answer to the following questions according to the text:

1. When and where did St Valentine live?

2. Who was the emperor at that time?

3. Did St. Valentine like him?

4. What did St. Valentine do? What was his job?

5. Why didn’t Claudius like men to get married?

6. Why was St Valentine caught and put into prison?

7. What was the punishment that the Emperor ordered for him?

8. Who visited him when he was in jail?

9. When did St Valentine write a note?

10. Who did he write the note to?

11. Why did he write it?

12. When did St Valentine die?

13.Why is St Valentine a symbol of Love?

heart_30x25_32.gif (568 bytes).- Match the following words from the text (left column)with a synonym or a definition in the right column:


Sign up







Have the same idea

Happy and joyful

Take a particular attitude


*Jail – prison

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By Isabel Pérez Torres