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 book2.gif (24301 bytes) 23rd April - World Book Day book2.gif (24301 bytes)

book2.gif (24301 bytes) Activities: quizzes, Treasure Hunts, WebTasks, WebQuests, etc.

Shakespeare and Cervantes worths a visit
Shakespeare- Lost in Verona - worths a visit
WebQuest: Romeo and Juliet
Stephenie Meyer - Modern vampires: The Twilight Saga -
Beatrix Potter- Webtasks -
Harry Potter and his friends -
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien -
The Lord of The Rings -
Spanish Writers -
Sherlock Holmes

book2.gif (24301 bytes) Online Books

World digital library worths a visit
British Library- Online Gallery worths a visit
The Internet Public Libraryworths a visit
BBC - Arts - Books Index Page worths a visit
Literature Podcasts worths a visit
Free Audio Books: LibriVox worths a visit
The Literature Network: Online literature for the students
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

book2.gif (24301 bytes) Links of Interest

Today in Literature worths a visit
UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day

World Book Day: Wikipedia
April 23: World Book and Copyright Dayl
St George's Day in Catalonia
World Book Day 2006: send a card
St. George's Day - April 23rd