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Would you like to know more about DRUG effects and addiction ?

Are you curious about SEX?

It is absolutely natural that you are interested about these topics.
It's good to know about the FACTS and the MYTHS.

Knowledge builds self-esteem and will help you to make the right decisions.

In this activity you will visit a few sites with information about those topics. Go through them, read anything that may interest you. When you finish, complete the form at the bottom of the page and send me your opinion about these sites.

While you are browsing the pages try to evaluate them according to the following criteria:

1. Which ones are more fun? .....more colourful?

2. Which contain simpler words and expresions to understand? Which one is easier to understand?

3. Where have you found more suitable information for your age? ......for your gender (male or female)?

Fact Files

BBC- Crime: Drugs

BBC- The Drug Debate

Basic Research on Drugs

Drugscope - DrugSearch: Drug Terms

Prevention: Alcohol and other more drugs

Fact Sheets (Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse)

The Facts (by a community based treatment center)

The Antidrug: Drug Information

Club Drugs (Community Drug Alert Bulletin)

Drug Problems Projects (See the questions & conclusions)

Fill in our Drug Questionnaire and Read the Survey Results till now

BBC - Teen Species - Sex

Teen Pregnancy General Facts and Stats

I Want to Know

Like it is

It's your Sex Life

The Safe Sex Don't Forget Your Condom Page

Young People's Guide to STDs

Do you Know Who you are Sleeping with?

YouthShakers: Sexual Health

Becoming a Woman

How to kiss: advice for teens

Student Name


Write a brief comment about the pages that you have visited (preferably in English, but you can use some Spanish as well). Remember the criteria.

Write the name of the site or copy and paste the address of every site that you refer to.

Comments about the "Drug" pages

Comments about the "Sexuality" pages