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Hi! How are you?BSB

We are four girls, María, Belén and Mari from Solera and Mari Angeles from Bélmez (Spain). We are the best fans of BACKSTREET-BOYS. A group of music from Orlando, In the group there are five boys very attractive and good-looking, they are Nick- the baby, he is 18 years old-, A.J. –20 years old-, Brian –23years old-, Howie –24 years old- and Kevin –26 years old-. Brian and Kevin are cousins.






Maria is 17 years old and she likes all the BACKSTREET-BOYS in general, but her favourite boy is Nick.

Belén is 16 years old and her favourite boy is Howie, but she thinks that Nick is very attractive.

Mari Angeles is 17 years old and she likes Brian.

I’m Carmen, I'm 16 years old and I like all BACKSTREET-BOYS, especially A.J. and Kevin.

We like BACKSTREET-BOYS because they sing very well, they are very attractive and they are the best.

They have two albums in the market. The first album is called "BACKSTREET-BOYS" and the second album is called"BACKSTREET BACK." Our favourite album is the second album, but our favourite song is "Quit playing games with my heart" from the first one.

They were in Spain last 9 April and they left Spain on 15 April, we didn´t go to the their concert. Well, and now we will tell you something about BSB.


Desert Island Cds: Jodeci, Notorioos, B.I.G., Journey Greatest Hits.
Hobbies: Scuba diving, drawing comic books, video games, basketball.
Dream vacation: Florida keys, Australia, Spain.
Favorite color: Green.
Favorite food: Pizza.


Member: A.J.
Describes himself as: Freaky, funky, romantic.
Desert Island CDs: Den Hill, Az Yet, Brian McKnight, Babyface, Rick James.
Hobbies: Billiards, basketball, movies, writing poetry.
Dream vacation: Italy, Hawaii.
Favorite places Bacstreet Boys have visited: Italy, Spain, Sydney, Australia.
Favorite color: Yellow.
Favorite food: McDonald´s #62xQuarter Pounder w/cheese, Lg. Coke, Lg. Frieds; Iced Tea (no lemon).
Thought he would be: A fireman.


Member: B-Rok
Describes himself as: Humorous, athletic.
Desert Island CDs: Boyz II Men, Babyface, Backstreet Boys, Take six, Janet Jackson.
Hobbies: Movies,shopping at the mall basketball.
Dream vacation: Take mom and dad to Australia or Hawaii.
Favorite colour: Blue.
Fovorite food: Macarroni & cheese, cheese pizza.
Thoght he would be: Play in the NBA.


Member: Howie D.
Describes himself as: Caring, respectful, honest.
Desert island Cds. Backstreet Boys, Jon Secada, New Edition, Mariah Carey, Earth, Wind & Fire.
Hobbies: Movies, dancing, working out.
Favorite places Backstreet Boys have visited: Germany, France, China, Japan Canada.
Favorite color: Purple.
Favorite food: Mom´s home cooking, japanese, chinese.
Thought the would be: A police officer.


Describes himself as: Sincere, serious about his work.
Desert island CDs: Eagles greatest hits, Notorious B.I.G. "Life after Death" Maxwell, BoyzII men, Elthon John greatest hits.
Hobbies: Music, surfing, water skiing, dirtbiking.
Drean vacation: Egypt, Jerusalen.
Favorite color: Blue.
Favorite food: Mom´s chili.
Thought he would be: Pilot:


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