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Web-based Activities

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In this section I have included all those activities that use resources from the Web. Such as treasure hunts, webquests or all kind of projects. They are normally meaningful activities where the students use authentic information from the websites selected.

Many of the treasure hunts and WebQuests here have been created by colleagues attending my workshops. I would like to thank all of them for their priceless contribution.

eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Treasure Hunts & Reading comprehensions

eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) WebQuests

eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Web based projects


Treasure Hunts, Webtasks & Reading Comprehensions
(* primary/ - hosted in 4teachers.org) some of these have been created by colleagues attending my workshops, see their names in the worksheet)
Physicists - Michael Jackson; here, there and everywhere-
Stephenie Meyer - Modern vampires: The Twilight Saga - Street Gangs
The Constitution of the United States - St Patrick's Day
Beatrix Potter- Webtasks - Homage to Tim Berners Lee -
Space Shuttle Endeavour - A Treasure Hunt about the European Union -
Let's Talk about STDs (AIDS& others) Before Obama -
Let's Talk about Birth Control The Magic of Sweden
Urban Tribes A Tourist History of St. Paul's Cathedral -
Dinobirds -Go shopping in Harrods -
The Kyoto Protocol - Theatre in London -
EMA Education Maintenance Allowance (reading) Environmentally Friendly: Leonardo DiCaprio -
What is sleep? -Westminster Abbey -
What's in your dreams? -The Tower of London
Renewable energy Human Rights -
Big Wave! -I Love the Royals -
Anorexia and Bulimia - Am I poor? India -
Nutrition - Illnesses and injuries -
Solar System Bonfire Night
Eat healthyMTV on the Spotlight

My Healthy Body (*)

Films: Your favourite film ratings -
Am I Healthy?Picasso

Clothes (*)

Spanish Cinema: Almodovar
Means of Transport (*) - What's in a Band's name?
The Farm (*)Gasol: A Spaniard Among the Stars -
Tigers in crisis (*)Justin Timberlake
How much do you Know about Love Glogal Warming: Panic or reality -
Parts of the House - (*) U2, the band -
Harry Potter (*) - Spanish Writers
Penpal Project Treasure hunt Leonardo Da Vinci
Important British And American Women - Who is the Queen
British Music - Where are we going? -
Huckleberry Finn - Interesting biographies -
Trade and Finance Institutions The Shadow of Your smell -
People Of The Moon -Israel & Palestina
World ReligionsBraveheart-
Capoeira: a Brazilian Artform JC Superstart-
Let's discover Sauna Australia
Intercurricular treasure hunt MORE Treasure Hunts from my workshops / talleres

Browsing the Web & Other Web-based activities: "Link Lists"
Selected pages about healthy life and sexuality and drugs
Some Quizzes to learn about health and sexuality
St. Valentine's Day: interactive writing and other exercises
No War Resource List
Christmas Time
Exotic recipes
All About Films
European destinations
British Castles and Heritage
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!!
How much do you know about LOVE?
What is the domestic violence?
Study English abroad!
The Lord of the Rings phenomena
UFO's Phenomenon
Our energies, our world
Film Directors
Poverty in the 3rd World
Would you like to get to know London? Places to see
MORE Trackstars from my workshops / talleres
WebQuestsAnorexia Campaign
Bravo Rosa! WebQuest An article about india
Today's News (advanced students)American Indians
Trip to London Discover Mallorca
Romeo and Juliet Teen Magazine
AIDS, it won't happen to me!! Military Budget
A Music Magazine WebQuest   
Climate Change   
Our World  
TV News   
Get Classic!  
Granada, the Perfect City!  
Survival Guide   
Refugees around the World   
Why Can't we Be Friends?  
Secret Societies in Religion: The Knights Templar  
Welcome to London  
The Groundhog and the Weather   
Chicago:the windy city  
More WebQuests from the workshop in Marbella 2004   
More WebQuests form the workshop in Granada 2005   
More WebQuests and draft WebQuests from my workshops/talleres   

Web based projects

Spring projects consisting on the following ones:

Penpal Projects
Food and Nutrition Project
Christmas Project
Drug Problem Project
E-mail Project: Málaga- Iowa (2001-2002)
Anorexia and Eating Disorder Project
E-mail Project: Málaga- Iowa (2002-2003)
Drug Survey Project
Holy Week Project

Click here to see the worksheet with the instructions

See some of my students final projects: Drugs Survey, Anorexia, Cannabis, Ecstasy.

Ecology Project consisting on:

Prestige Disaster
Clean Beaches
Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

Click here to see the worksheet with the instructions

Some advice to help write the composition (in Spanish)

Final Compositions