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updated 7/06/2017

English: Portals and Encyclopedias / Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, etc / Natural Science, Biology, etc /

Physical Education / Geography, History, Literature, Art, Philosophy, etc.

Classroom language / lenguaje para el aula

Classroom Language- stages in the lesson - pdf
Classroom English Phrases
EAP Speaking - Language
Les mots de la classe

Videos, Podcasts, images, animaciones, etc.

Google Videos
YouTube Edu
Teacher Tube
Tes Teach

The Naked Scientists
Khan Academy
Encyclopeadia Britannica
Educational podcasts
Visual dictionaryonline
Wikimedia Commons
Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin
Shahi - A visual dictionary | pictures from Flicker, Google and Yahoo.
Multicolors Search Lab
Kids Know It: Podcasts and songs (primary)
Osun.org. Document Search engine Pdf, doc, ppt

PBS Learning Media
Free Technology for teachers

Some Tools

Flash Saver - capture flash files, download flash files by a simple click
Download VLC Media Player (to play any kind of audio or video)
Brenden's Resource Generator
Add Subtitles to your Videos - Overstream / dotsub
Create Maps


Portals and Encyclopedias for all subjects / de interés para todas las materias

Learning Resource Exchange for schools
Literacy Resources
Enchanted Learning
Link to Learning
BBC School
Crickweb: educational interactive resources for Primary Schools
LEARN NC collection of lesson plans
Eduplace: Pre K–6 resources for teachers, students, and families.
Eduplace: California Curriculum K-6
Educational & Teaching Resources – TES Resource Bank – The Times Educational Supplement
BBC Scotlland Education
Grade Level Skills Help Pages
Teaching Ideas
Wikipedia selection for schools
ABPI Schools: interactive content for science
School Science
Science-class.net - Science Resources for the Middle Grades
PBS Teachers — Resources For The Classroom
Encyclopedia Britannica

Science Across the World (varios idiomas)
Science Civilization and Society
eLearning for Kids: Science, Maths, language, etc.
Selected links by Mrs Kelly
Planet Science
Plant and Animal Sites: fantastic list of links to content sites and quizzes
Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School
Textbooks support materials (US)

Visual Dictionary and Encyclopaedia
Podcast directory for educators, schools and colleges
Podcasting News
How Stuff Works
Nobel Prizes.org
Fun Trivia Quizzes
kwizNET Math/Science/

Flashcards plus matching, hangman, crossword, word search, and word scramble
Science Selfcheck Quizzes
Science Brain Pop MOvies

Editoriales /Publishers

Richmond publishers (texbooks / sample materials)

Materials for 1st language students:
Sadlier - Oxford

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, etc. /Matemáticas, Física, Química, etc.

ReviseWise Maths
Maths A+clicK
BBC Number Time
Physicists in Primary education

Videos: Mathpower4you by James Souza
Maths for kids
IXL Maths, Practice Math And Have Fun Doing It
Math, English programs, games, worksheets for kindergarten
Math Reference Tables
Math Warehouse
Math is Fun
Cool Maths for kids
A Math Dictionary for Kids
Visual maths lessons
Math & Physics simulations
Some sample lessons on Math
Math and Daily Life
Math Challenge
Literacy Resources
Math Videos online
Math Homework for kids
Educational games for elementary students
AAA Math
A Plus Math
Woodlands Maths Zone
General Mathematics and Teaching Resources
Practical Science
Chem4Kids: basic chemistry information
Skoool.co.uk : Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry
ReviseWise Science. Physical Processes
Periodic Table
Elementymology & Elements Multidict
Web Elements - periodic table
Edheads: activate your mind
Science Songs

ESA, European Space Agency

How Old Would You Be in Another Planet?
How Much Would You Weigh on Another Planet?
How Old Would You Be When your Space Batteries Run out?

CIESE - Curriculum: K-12 CIESE Online Tele-Collaborative Classroom Projects
Adventures in Science and Technology (videos)
Searchable Video Database
Audiovisual and scientific communication

The Earth
Early Atomic Understanding
Explorers from the 1900's
Food-Related Inventors and Inventions

The Scientific Revolution

Power of Ten - Changing scale

The Elements (song)

Natural Science, Bilology / Ciencias naturales, Biología, etc

Windows to the Universe
Solar System by the BBC
Solar System Live
Cosmos for Kids
Ask an Astronomer for Kids
Compare the Planets
Polaris Project: Earth, planets, etc.
Planets Profiles: good summary of data
Collection of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration+ audio
Nineplanets: Data about Planets+ moons, asteroids, etc.
Planet 10: build your planets
Amazing Space
The Science of Climate Change
Space Place (NASA site for Kids)

ReviseWise Science: Living Things
Genetic- Basics
Zoo School
Smithsonian Wild
Microbe Zoo
BBC - The Little Animals Activity Centre
Cells Alive: animations
Classification of living things: very clear content and quizzes
San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes
The Environment - What is the Biosphere?
The Web of Life. Biodiversity and Conservation
Online Action Zone: Games, experiments, quizzes and other activities relating to sustainable use of the environment
Links to many site on Rock and Minerals
Oxford University museum of Natural History for Kids: animals, fossils, etc.

Wycombe High School: Physical Geography in Animation
Geography animations

BBC- The Human Body
Healthline Body Maps
The Visible Body
Human Body e-book
Human Anatomy Online
Explore the nervous system

Neuroscience for Kids
Human Anatomy Online
It's up to you!
Well Town- about keeping healthy and staying safe
Medical Mysteries

Human body project

Physical Education / Educación Física,

BBC- Physical education
PH Glossary
P.E. - Games Ideas
PE Resources
Visual Dictionary- Sport

Geography, History, Literature, Art, Philosophy, etc. / Geografía, Historia, Literatura, Plástica, Filosofía, etc.

European Countries- Online Learning
Geography animations
Interactive maps

BBC History Topics

History Channel Famous Video and Speeches
BBC Online History for Kids
Hyperhistory On-line
BBC - History - Monarchs and Leaders

BBC - Schools - Citizen X - Homepage

BBC Newsround
BBC Hot Topics

Britannica News Page

The Why Files

Teaching Literature
Thinking Things: Vikings, Romans, Egypt, etc.
History Quizzes and History Trivia -- FunTrivia
History Simulations

The Internet Picture Dictionary
Worl Book Day Links
Free Audio Books: LibriVox
European Voyages of Exploration - Home Page

Google Art project

On Truth and reality



Portales y Enciclopedias


Éducasources est la base des ressources numériques en ligne
Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche
Carrefour Èducation
SCÉRÉN. Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique
CRDP de l'académie de Paris

Ressources par matière - Carmen Vera
Enseigner toutes les matières en français.- Carmen Vera

Matemáticas, Física, Química, etc.

Les jeux de Lulu le lutin malin. Site de jeux educatifs en ligne pour enfants de 4 a 12 ans et plus : logique,
Mathématiques : animations à base d'applets JAVA
Mathématiques dans l'académie de Versailles: Exercices et outils en ligne, générateur d'exercices au format pdf
Les pages interactives
Aleph casse-tête, problèmes amusants, énigmes, carrés magiques, Hexagone magique, Sam Loyd
L'histoire des chiffres

Sciences Physiques - Programmes
Exercices interactifs: Physique
Exercices interactifs: Chimie
Table Périodique des Eléments

Audiovisuel et communication scientifique

Ciencias naturales, Biología, Educación Física, etc

Sciences de la vie, sciences de la terre
Le site du Palais de la découverte: portal de ciencias varias

éducation physique, eps , staps

Geografía, Historia, Literatura, Plástica, etc.





Portales y enciclopedias

Schulportal - Unterrichtsmaterial für Lehrer und Referendare

ZUM - Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien
Arbeitsmaterialien auf 4teachers.de
Unterrichtsmaterial und Arbeitsblätter für Lehrer
Unterrichtsmaterial nach Fächern
EDUVINET Full Text Teaching Materials
LLEK Bookmarks - Schule & Unterricht
Schule und Bildung - Bildungsportal - Börse für Unterrichtsmaterial
edulinx.de | Links für Schule, Unterricht und Ausbildung

WAS IST WAS: Aktuelles
Planet schule


Ressourcen zu mathematischen Themen in mathe online
Welt der Physik
Mathe-Physik-Info-Schule (dt.) Arbeitsblätter für Mathematik, Physik und Informatik im PDF-Format zum Download
Physik und Astronomie: Applets, Programme, Materialien
Chemie-master.de -Website für den Chemieunterricht
Periodensystem der Elemente
Biologie in Sachsen: Unterrichtsmaterialien für Lehrer und Schüler aller Klassenstufen im Fach Biologie


LeMO (Lebendiges virtuelles Museum Online)
Goethe-Institut -Künste
Goethe-Institut - Künste - Literatur

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