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  Holy Week & Easter

Holy Week & Easter Activities

pasiegas.jpg (22108 bytes)Picture by Eduardo Nieto, Sur in English

  Spain is rich in religious celebrations. One of the most important is Holy Week "Semana Santa". In this picture you see the view of a religious procession. The image of Christ surrounded by a crowd of people in front of the Cathedral in Málaga. At the bottom, you have a picture representing a procession.

On this page I have included some exercises and activities for you to get to know better our tradional Holy Week. I have prepared most of them with some fantastic material created by the following group of teachers : Paul Mrocek at EOI in Málaga, Dolores Beltrán at EOI in Fuengirola and Ana Quijano at I.E.S. Las Lagunas, Mijas-Costa. Many thanks to them for allowing me to use their exercises and ideas. They have been working together in the "Grupo de Trabajo": Traditions Activities Bank: Holy Week in the Cep of Málaga.

Other Holy Week &Easter Stuff

Exercises, Quizzes, Comprehensions, etc. (Those checked with a dotred.gif (818 bytes) are a specially selected for my students' projects)

Holy Week Vocabulary (1) dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Holy Week Vocabulary (2) dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Holy Week Quiz: Andalusia dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Holy Week Quiz: Processions dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Holy Week Reading: a newspaper article
Holy Week Quiz: Fill the gaps dotred.gif (818 bytes)
dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Holy Week Quiz: En- Sp dotred.gif (818 bytes)
dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Holy Week Quiz: Sp- En dotred.gif (818 bytes)
dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Holy Week in Andalusia: "Las procesiones" dotred.gif (818 bytes)
dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Easter Reading Comprehension
Easter Quiz dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Word Search Puzzle
Easter Coloring Pages

The History of Easter and Holy Week  

BBC - Religion & Ethics - Christian Holy Days
dotred.gif (818 bytes)
Easter traditions: Food
A Celebration in Spain: The Easter Week
Easter in Britain

"Semana Santa" in Cyberspain
Easter on the Net



Semana Santa by Marina

This is a picture representing a procession in "Semana Santa" in Granada (Spain). By my little niece Marina