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Ecology Project

You are going to read and write about some environmental topics. The deadline for the project is 17th December 2002. Then you''ll have to write a composition about the "Prestige disaster", click on this document to read some advice on how to write a composition.

Then follow the instructions bellow.

Link to the final compositions

Link to a memory exercise to revise vocabulary

online dictionaryConsulta el diccionario Online

1st Term Project / Year 2002-2003

Using the information that you will find in the selected Web pages, you will be able to write the project by following my instructions in the class. Download the following document in Text format (.doc) to answer the questions that it includes.

Con la información que obtengáis en las páginas Web seleccionadas  para cada trabajo, podréis hacer el project siguiendo las orientaciones de la hoja dada en clases. Descárgate el siguiente documento en formato texto (.doc) para contestar a las preguntas que hay en él.

Prestige Disaster

General information about the Prestige disaster

The oil disaster blame trail

Environmental crimes: Who pays the price?

Protest against government handling of tanker disaster

Cleaning up oil-covered birds

In pictures: Spanish oil slick

Online NewsHour: Oil Tanker Sinks

The Wreck of the Prestige_ Seven Aspects of the Disaster

Clean Beaches

Keep our beaches clean (click on Recycling)

Beach Cleanup - New Jersey

Research On Discarded Cigarette Filters


Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

What is Recycling?

Recycling - Waste Reduction

Recycling Saves Natural Resources

Benefits of Waste Paper Recycling

Commonly Recycled Materials Guide

Recycling More Obscure Materials Guide

Dreaming of a Green Christmas


Other Links

Environment Vocabulary

WN Environment - The WorldNews Network

World Records in Earth Science

Recycle City - Main Map

National Geographic Kids--Games, Postcards, Animals

Information about Recycling

EPA: Browse EPA Topics

US EPA Environmental Explorers Club

Ecokids Online

The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide