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Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. It is exciting event in United States and in Great Britain. Halloween has ancient Celtic origins. At Halloween American children in elementary schools take their costumes and masks to school. Typical Halloween costumes are witch, ghost, skeleton, monster, vampire or alien. Young people have fun making their own costumes, but some prefer to buy them. In afternoon children put on their costumes and have Halloween party at school. Schools are decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, witches and bats. It is popular tradition to make jack o'lanterns out of pumpkins. People put them in front of windows of their homes. jack o'lantern is of Celtic origin too. There are funny Halloween games such as "bobbing for apples". Favourite Halloween foods are candied apples, nuts, liquorice, popcorn and pumpkin pie. American and British children and teenagers go "trick-or-treating" on Halloween evening. They go from house to house in their costumes and ring doorbells. When door opens they shout, "Trick or treat?". People usually give them sweets or money. If not, children play trick! They write on windows with soap or spray shaving cream on cars and people!

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