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1. By hook or by crook
  (a) by using a crooked instrument
  (b) by land, sea or air
  (c) by any means
  (d) other
a b c d
2. to hit the nail on the head
  (a) to use a hammer accurately
  (b) to be entirely wrong
  (c) to be exactely right
  (d) other
a b c d
3. A different kettle of fish
  (a) another matter altogether
  (b) something unexpected
  (c) a mess
  (d) other
a b c d
4. To have an axe to grind
  (a) to have a tool to sharpen
  (b) to have a private interest in a matter
  (c) to have a debt to pay off
  (d) other
a b c d
5. To face the music
  (a) to conduct an orchestra
  (b) to meet and deal with the unpleasant consequences of one´s actions
  (c) to mend a musical instrument
  (d) other
a b c d


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