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A PROJECT ABOUT FOOD IN SPAIN Written by Students in 2º ESO B

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Spanish Meals

Breakfast "desayuno" cup2-a.gif (35083 bytes)

The traditional " Spanish breakfast " consists of toast with butter and coffee or "cola-cao". But these days a lot of people have only a bowl of cereal with milk. The children at school often have a "packed" breakfast at break time in the morning, between 11:15 and 11:45 – a roll and a milkshake or a roll and a can of cola or fruit juice.

Lunch "almuerzo"wine.gif (1101 bytes)

Lunch is usually between two and three o´clock. We often eat fish, meat, vegetables, salad … and bread. It is the most important meal in the day.

Teatime "merienda" sandwich.gif (1080 bytes)

At teatime (between half past five and half past six), we have sweets and cakes or a roll with milk. But these days cakes have got a lot of sugar and aren’t very healthy.

Dinner "cena"

Dinner is usually between nine and eleven o’clock in the evening. Some families watch TV while having dinner. We often eat pizza or  hamburger and chips.

Typical Ingredients in Spanish Cooking

Things that you can normally find in a Spanish kitchen:


Olive oil
Bay leaves

The following are traditional elements of Spanish cooking:

Black pudding

Some Examples of Delicious Spanish Dishes

Here we are giving a few examples of some typical Spanish dishes:

Chickpeas stew is very good. It’s from Madrid. The ingredients are cabbage, potatoes, black pudding, chicken and chickpeas.paella

Paella is very tasty. It contains rice, salt, tomatoes, paprika, oil, shellfish, meat and saffron.

Migas is a traditional dish. It contains pepper, meat, black pudding, "chorizo" and bread or flour.

gazpachoGazpacho is a very typical pinky orange soup in Andalucía, it contains tomatoes, pepper, bread, garlic, water and onion. People drink it cold and in summer.

Spanish omelette tortilla

It is a typical Spanish dish. It contains potatoes and eggs. You can eat it hot or cold.


Anchovies in vinegar

It’s a typical dish in the Costa del Sol (sun coast). People eat them in summer in inside and outside bars .
It contains oil, anchovies, garlic and parsley.

Vegetable stew

It’s a hot dish. It contains potatoes, meat and vegetables.

Rice pudding

It’s a special dessert, but mums cook it very often . It contains rice, milk and cinnamon. You can eat it cold.

An Example of Spanish Menu

1st Course


2nd Course

"plato de los montes" mountains dish

3rd Course




-3 mouth sea -1 pepper -1/4 clamgambas
-8 mussels - 2 tomatoes -saffron
-2 teaspoon salt - ¼ prawns -1/2 water
-1/2 onion


1. Mix the water and salt in a pressure cooker with the shellfish.
2. Mince and fry the tomatoes, the pepper and the onion.
3. Put everything in a pressure cooker with the shellfish, and boil it, for 20 min.
4- serve it in a deep plate and very hot.

"Plato de los montes" mountains plate

recipe (serves 4)


- 2 potatoes
- 2 peppers
- Spicy dry pork sausage "chorizo"
- 1 egg
- Pork piece


1. Fry everything separately.
2. Serve everything together.

Custard "Natillas"

(serves 4)


-4 eggs -vanilla -sugar
-liquid caramel –1l.milk -cinnamon


1. Boil the milk and cinnamon.
2. Mix in the bowl the eggs, milk, and sugar.
3. Put the tin in a bain-marie, for 30 min.
4. Take the tin and serve in a plate.

Fast Food that young people like eating

We are going to write about typical fast food. These are some examples:pizza

Hamburgers, pizza, meat, chips, chicken, spagetti, bacon, sausages, sandwiches, cheese, crepes, omelette, ice-creamicecream.gif (1085 bytes), sweets, lasagne, etc. Some kind of fast food is also called "junk food". burger

  • Young people usually like fast food, hamburgers, chips and ice cream.
  • Young people always drink soft drinks and eat sweets and deserts.
  • We usually eat junk food at weekends in McDonald's, Burger King, burger shops, and pizza shops.
  • We like it because it is tasty and very good but our parents are always saying that too much fast food is bad for our health.  


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This Project has been WRITTEN BY the following students in class 2º B in IES IsaacAlbéniz in Málaga, Spain2ºB Students

Reme Mancera
Adrian Martin .
Virginia Ruiz
Natividad Giraldo
Pilar Escudero
Juan carlos Orozco
Sergio Gómez
Javier Polo
Coral Ventura
Saray Ramírez
Estefanía Reinaldo
Jennifer Reyes
Antonio Sánchez
Rocio Berdugo
Juan Antonio Zaragoza
Juan Angélico Ruíz
Ines Cosano
Lidia Martin
Francisco Pérez
Alberto Zapata
Eloy Roldán