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Our futureOur future

Young people usually dream with their future: they think of having a good job, they want to marry with their blue prince or princess (good-looking and rich) and they think they will always be healthy.

Most of the people think thet are going to study. They want to get through Bachillerato and go to the university later. But some people have problems in their studies and when they finish school they start to work.

When we are studying we don't think in the unemployment problem (this is a big problem in Spain). But our life isn't as easy as it seems. And we never meet a rich husband or wife and we need to work to get our own house.

We have asked some people in our Secondary School about their future:

Some of them think that their future is written in some place: "My future? I'm not self conscious about it because it is already decided".

Others told us: "I think I'll go out of this village and I'll get a job in a big city." And others say: "I hope to live vith my wife and my children".

But if we ask old people they don't think that the life is easy:
" life has got a lot of problems which you don't expect"

Allow us to give you some Suggestions for your future:

-You ought to study a career,but if you don't want to study you can work

-Try to get a job and don't expect anybody to work for you.


Mª Jose Galiano Roa y Ana Mª Justicia Sánchez
1ºBachiller A

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