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Last Updated 25/3/2008

eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Grammar

In this section you may find exercises and activities of your interest. I have created them to teach my students. Some are based on authentic material: news, student writings, pages from the web, etc,. You are welcome to save or print and use them as well. You may think that some of the exercises are extremely easy, but, as I am teaching in ESO, obligatory secondary  education, the level of the students is often very low. There are also some exercises more difficult, oriented to Bachillerato students.

Some of the exercises have been designed by some colleagues attending my seminars and courses. I would like to thank all of them. There are also direct links to the pages of INTERLEX, a group of teachers to which I belonged to.

I also would like to thank UVic Humanities Computing and Media Centre for the Hot-potatoes software that I have used in most of the exercises.

eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Vocabulary
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Phonetics
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Culture
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Vocabulary exercises by INTERLEX

Grammar (* Easy, **Very easy)

 Present Tenses  Past Tenses
The Present Simple Girl ( use, form & exercises) The Past Simple Boy (use, form & exercises)
The Present Continuous Guy (use, form & exercises) Lady Past Continuous (use, form & exercises)
**The Present Simple "TO BE" The Present Perfect Man (use and form)
**The Present Simple "HAVE GOT" **Past Simple of To Be-1
**The Present Simple "TO BE" (negative) *Past Simple of To Be-2
**The Present Simple "HAVE GOT" (negative) **Past Simple Order
  Fernando Alonso Won (Past simple)
**Present Simple (Affirmative form) Shakira's life (Past simple)
**Present Simple (Negative form) Thanksgiving Quiz (past simple)
**Present Simple or Present Continuous Woman Finds Scorpion (Past tenses)
*Easy Questions (Present Simple)Cinderella (Past simple tense/adjectives)
*Easy Questions Answers (Present Simple)Past Simple Ending Pronunciation
Present Tense QuestionsNew Year's Eve (Past Simple)
Negative Sentences (Present tenses) New Year's Eve (Past Simple Mistakes)
*Habits & Routines Mistakes (Mixed Verb tense mistakes)
Rosie's Family (Present Simple & Continuous)I Will Survive (song) (Past tenses)
Present sentences (mixed) Eminem's Biography (Past Simple- Present Perfect)
**Present Simple Order (Affirmative) The Others (Past Simple & Past continuous)
**Present Simple Order (Negative) Queens Crash Witnesses (Past Simple) 
**Present Simple / Continuous Order (Negative) I Had A Dream (Past continuous) 
 Future tenses & Conditionals Present Perfect Questions
The going to boy (use, form & exercises) Present Perfect (love letter: Dear Jose)
Mister Will (use, form & exercises) *Adverb Position  & Present Perfect (1-10)
ConditionalsPresent Perfect (already, yet)
  Already, Yet and Still (use)
 Pronouns, Nouns, relatives , etc  
**Identifying Subject Pronouns  Passive Voice
**Subject Pronouns Passive Voice Tenses (Mobile Phones)
**Subject Pronouns (Sing-Plural) Change into Passive (dog translators)
**Question Words St. Valentine's Day Cloze Quiz (passive voice)
   Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, etc
*Some & Any *Scrambled Words (adjective position)
*Count-Uncount Nouns *Comparatives
*Scrambled Words (how much&how many) *Superlatives
Relative Sentences 1 Comparatives & Superlatives (Star Signs)
Relative Sentences 2*Prepositions of Place
  Mistakes-1 (Interactive)
  Mistakes (List of sentences)

Vocabulary (* Easy, **Very easy, ***Flash)

 Specific Topics: beginners & elementary  Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs, etc
**Time (English-Spanish)   
**Food and drinks (Spanish-English)   
**Actions **Opposite Adjectives
*Actions *The Lion and the Mouse (verbs)
**Hobbies Adjectives: (Crossword)
*Hobbies Adjectives: Star Signs
Sports *Adjective Endings (Printable) 
Colours Compounds
*ColoursWord formation (1)
*My House  Word formation (2)
*Body Parts Phrasal Verbs (1)
*Body actions Phrasal Verbs (2)
*Clothes & BodyPhrasal Verbs & idiomatic expressions
Seasons  Adjectives (difficult)
Weather Confusing words
Cooking Prepositions
Food Source and Facts  Newspaper headlines***
Professions Headlines: verbs ***
Casita Idioms
Building Contextualised Vocabulary
Animals Holy Week Vocabulary (1)
Colours Holy Week Vocabulary (2)
Bedroom Holy Week Quiz: Andalusia
  Holy Week Quiz: Processions
 Specific Topics: beginners, pre-intermediate & intermediateThe Prestige disaster
Animals - Nature- Body - Clothes- Adjectives (INTERLEX Group) Climate Change
Family and Daily life - food and drink (INTERLEX Group) The Kyoto Protocol
Function words - Home and house (INTERLEX Group)   
Jobs -Shops- Sports- Journeys- Holidays- Music and TV (INTERLEX Group)  Pronunciation
Vocabulary Tests - 1600 words (INTERLEX Group) Past Simple Endings
Computer Vocabulary Vowel Sounds , ,
Learning a language (puzzle)  Vowel Sounds ,
Natural Phenomena  English Sounds- 1
ClothesEnglish Sounds- 2
My HeadEnglish Sounds- 3
British and American English (1)English Sounds- 4
British and American English (2)English Sounds- 5
  English Sounds- 6

Communication and Culture   (* Easy, **Very easy)

 Dialogues  Festivities and special celebrations
*Dialogues Bonfire Night- Guy Fawkes Night
*Shopping Festivities
  Halloween: determiners
  Valentine's Quiz
 Celebrities and entertainment World Cup 2002
Di CaprioSt. Valentine's Day
Film QuizChristmas Questionnaire (before)
To the movies Christmas Questionnaire (after)
Shakira's life Short Xmas Questionnaire
Eminem's Biography A horror halloween story
Jennifer Lopez21 Reasons I Love You Quiz (vocabulary)
Simpsons Other cultural aspects
Sleeping Beauty (three versions of the story ) *Houses & Homes
Bob Marley British Life
Ronaldinho Spain & the Spaniards
  Málaga, a southern Spanish city
  British lifestyle
Vocabulary exercises by the group INTERLEX The EU Countries
  English History and literature (there is a mistake in the 1st question)
  History of America
 Puzzels (to be printed) Some Facts about America
Crime Puzzle Gibraltar
Crime & Punishment Madame Tussauds
Food and drinks  
The opposite