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Extensive selection of activities and sites related to Special Holidays and Celebrations and other Topics of interest
Last Updated 20/11/2008

European Day of Languages, 26th September Obama's Speeches, videos, quizzes and other activities
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Festivity Quiz 25th November, Violence against Women Day
pumpkin.gif (376 bytes) Halloween
magic wand Harry Potter Activities & Other Stuff 
Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night Food and Healthy Life
pavo.gif (1281 bytes) Thanksgiving Football Links
X-mas Christmas book2.gif (24301 bytes) Book Day Links
mnheart4.gif (911 bytes) St. Valentine The European Union links and activities
St. Patrick's Day Columbus Day Links & Quizzes
Holy Week & Easter pavo2.gif (1251 bytes) AIDS World Day
April Fools' at Web Day Links and Quizzes Learning English and Psychology
Environmental Day, 5 June  Malaga Beach Summer & Travel links
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) A positive pause

Other Sites that I find useful to learn about British and American Culture

Religious Celebrations BBC Schools 
English traditions, customs and Culture Woodlands Junior School Kent uk