HOLY WEEK: Andalusia (Spain)

An activity by Isabel Pérez Torres
Many thanks to the teachers: Paul Mrocek, Dolores Beltrán and Ana Quijano for allowing me to use their exercises

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   death      Good      Holy      Holy      images      Last      Maundy      ornate      Palm      Passion   

To visit Andalucía in Week is to see the other side of the coin as religious fervour takes over and the normally exuberant Andalusians assume an air of solemn respect for what is the most important festival on the religious calendar.

Week is the re-enactment of the Passion but the story is presented in many different ways across the Andalusian geography and while processions with floats bearing of Christ and the Virgin are the most traditional there are also plays, drum marathons and representations in which the actors are dressed as Roman centurions. The celebrations respect the succession of events in the life and of Christ beginning on Sunday with processions representing Christ's entry into Jerusalem and the Supper continuing through the week with his capture by the Romans, crucifixion, burial and final resurrection on the following Sunday. In Málaga and Seville the processions with their sumptuously floats parade practically every day while in the smaller towns and villages they may only take place on Thursday and Friday and are usually much simpler although by no means less moving.

(Andalucía Costa del Golf, March 1997)