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We are a group of six students from a class of twenty five. We are in 4º of ESO (Secondary Obligatory Education). We think it is similar to 9Th or 10th grade in other countries. We study and live in Huelma, a small village in the province of Jaén, in Spain. Hi Friends!!!

From left to right:
Paco, Fede and Jose
Pili and Fuensanta

" I like skating and practising sport. I also love reading", Fuensanta.

Pili plays in a handball team. She is very fun.

Paco plays the clarinet in a musical group and goes to the music school.

" I play the saxophone and study in the same school with Paco", Jose.

"I play the saxophone, too. Every summer I go to France to play",  Fede.

HI Friends" I like playing the guitar, listening to music and going to parties", Victoria.


From left to right:
Paco, Victoria
Fuensanta, Jose and Pili.


This year we have done a corresponde exchange through e-mail with people from other countries, as an activity in our  English lessons. This has been a very exciting experience because they were different from us and we practised English. We have enjoyed it a lot.


We six have written to a group of four students from Cedar Falls, in Iowa,  USA. They are fourIowa's group children very interesting. They are in an ESL classroom and they all come from different countries. They were in the 9th grade except Alima, who is in the 10th one.

From left to right:
Ahn, Alima, Kim and Ali.


Alima is Ali's sister. They come from Sierra Leona in Africa.
Kim comes from South Corea and Ahn is from Vietnan. they are together in an ESL classroom. All of them like listening to music and sport. They go to parties with friends, as we do, and sometimes they don't like school. They have subjects like Gym, Art, Esl, Science, History, Speech and Algebra.

Alima is very energetic, she likes art and movies and her favourite film is Selene. Kim is calm and she plays the flute and the piano. Our friends from Iowa

Ahn is the craziest one. She works and studies. He likes No Doubt... Ali is quiet, he likes soccer and doesn't like art.

They were very, very good keypals because they wrote long e-mails with a lot of questions and answers.  

They live in Cedar Falls, in the northeast Iowa. It is a small city of about 100.000 people.

    Here is a picture of a part of Iowa's town

Cedar Falls



They sent us this funny card






Now, here you are some pictures of Huelma.Huelma

Huelma is a small village with about seven  thousand people. It's very beautiful. Here, a lot of people work in the country, in the olive groves.






Church and Castle

This is a picture of the church and the castle in Huelma. They have a long story.