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Written by Pablo Lopez Herrero, Maria Jesus Jimenez Sanchez and Andres Varela Varela

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WEEKEND IN DUBLIN ---26th July 2003

Some of us decided to go to Dublin last weekend. We left Derry at 06.45 a.m. by bus and we arrived in Dublin at 11.00 a.m. We went to a bed & breakfast, which we had looked for previously. It was a cheap hotel.
We wanted to take advantage of our time there, so immediately we decided to go for a walk around Trinity College where the University is placed. Afterwards, we went to visit Dublin Castle and St. Patrick's Cathedral where we took a lot of photographs.
In the afternoon we visited the famous Temple Bar and we had the opportunity to listen to live music in streets. We also saw some little markets where you could buy second hand books, clothes and several souvenirs.
We returned to the hotel, and after having rested we went out to get to know the Dublin night life. We had some problems getting into some pubs because of a number of reasons: some pubs were packed with people, they did not allow trainers and so on and so forth. However, we think that the main reason was that we were Spanish. We were told that going to Dublin might be dangerous, but we had not any problem regarding this. Since we were tired and we could not get into some pubs, we went to bed early.
The following day, after having lunch in the hotel, some of us went to Old Jameson Distillery where we were told about the process of distilling whiskey and we could try it.

Finally, we took the bus at 6.00 p.m. and we arrived in Derry at 10.00. In general, everybody enjoyed the trip.

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