Part 1 - Individual work
1. Make groups of five. Each one in the group must chose a role. When you have chosen it, you must click on the page that corresponds to it:
Biologist, Historian, Mathematician, Gourmet and Host, Cultural critic.

2. Follow the instructions on each page. You will have to do some activities with the information you find on the page.

3. To do the activities and to create the final leaflet each group will have a wiki called Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Route 4, Route 5
The answers to those activivities should be in your wiki and the final leaflet too.

You have to copy and answer the individual questions for each role in the wiki of your group.

Part 2 - Group work
(See the example in the Wiki for Route 1)
eye.jpg Remember:
- Do not copy and paste
- Try to be original
- Have a look at the evaluation sheet to be sure that you are doing it well.
- Use the dictionary if you need it.
- Use the resources on the menu to look for images, videos, etc.