This is a wiki designed to carry out a WEBQUEST about the Route of Washington Irving in the South of Spain.

It is an integrated unit that links the linguistic and the non-liguistic areas into a common topic.

Students will take a fantastic journey throughout southern Spain, following the footsteps of the writer and traveller Washington Irving.

They will learn about different aspects of the towns and cities of the route: customs and traditions; natural environment; literary, cultural and historical heritage etc.This journey starts in Seville and ends in Granada.

This is the route followed in 1829 by the American romantic writer fascinated by the variety and exoticism of the Hispano- Muslim civilization.
The route basically follows the A-92 dual carriageway along approximately 250 km. between Seville and Granada including all the towns and villages on the route. Click on the pìcture to see it on Google maps.