The Lion and The Mouse

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A Lion is sleeping in the jungle. A little Mouse, is running in the grass and runs over the Lion's head and nose.

The Lion opens his eyes and roars loudly. Then he puts his paw over the little Mouse. The great beast prepares his enormous mouth to eat the small creature when the frightened mouse cries: "Pardon me, O King, please" .

"If you forgive me this time, I will never forget your kindness. I certainly don't want to disturb Your Majesty. If you respect my life,  I will help you another time, too."

The Lion laughs and laughs. "How could a tiny creature like you help me?"

"Oh well, you're not so much a good meal" the lion says , looking at the frightened Mouse. He takes his paw off the poor little prisoner and the Mouse quickly scampers away.

Some time after this, some hunters want to capture the Lion alive with a rope net. The Lion falls into the trap. He is roaring and trying to free himself but with every movement he makes, the ropes bind him tighter.

The unhappy Lion thinks he will never escape.The little Mouse is running in the jungle again, and hears the Lion's roars.

"That is the Lion who did not eat me once" he says, remembering his promise. And he runs to help the lion.

The Mouse discovers the poor Lion in the trap and says to him, "Stop, stop! Don't roar. If you make so much noise, the hunters will come and capture you. I'll help you to get out of this trap."

With his sharp little teeth the Mouse is breaking the ropes. When the Lion is free, the Mouse says, "Now, you see I was right"


"Thank you, good Mouse," says the Lion gently. "I am big and you are very  little, but you helped me. I see now that kindness is always worth while."

Moral of the story: Even the strong sometimes need the friendship of the weak.