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A selection of literary sites collected in collaboration with my colleague Natividad Martínez Marín

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Pages of Links

The University of Arizona Library
Literature in English: Links
Great Writers and Poets
Literature Webliography
Celebration of Women Writers
Medieval Drama Links
Links to Children’s Literature

Literature for Children and Young Adults

Reading Materials for Teaching ESL/EFL
Children Stories
Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes of All Nations
Bedtime Stories
Classic Children Stories (reading&listening)
Candlelight Stories
Acrostics for Children
Ms. Smith's English Page
Children's Writers and Illustrators
Children's and Young Adult Literature Resources, K12
Learning about the Author & Illustrator Pages
Vandergrift's Young Adult Literature Page
Mystery Books & Lessons Plans
Children's Literature Web Guide
Children's and Young Adult Literature
Young Adult Literature : Middle & Secondary English-Language Arts
Children's and Young Adult Literature and Culture Links
Miths & Fables from Around the World
Aesop's Fables with images worths a visit
Myths & Legends arranged by Countries, Cultures & Languages. Science Fiction & Fantasy
Links to Little Prince's Sites

Online Texts

Great Books Online
Electronic Text Center Collection (texts in twelve languages)
On line Literature for Young Learners
Eldritch Press: free, accessible books
Alex Catalogue
The Oxford Text Archive Website
The On-Line Book-Page
English Literature on the Web
American Authors
Online Library Literature
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts English
University of Virginia’s E-Book Library
Full Texts
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
OBI: Online Book Initiative
CCAT, University of Pennsylvania
Representative Poetry On-Line
The Internet Public Library Online Texts Collection
University Libraries, Ohio University


Links to Modern and Contemporary Poetry Resources
Poets' Corner
Favorite Poem Project
Online Poetry
Internet Literature, Poetry and assorted Other Words
Haiku Garden
Haiku for People
Glossary of Poetic Terms

Periodicals and Journals

Period Literature & Literary Criticism
Voice of the Shuttle

Literary Criticism

The English Server Fiction Collection: Criticism
The Voice of the Shuttle
Danny Yee’s Book Review. Literary Criticism
Online Literary Criticism Collection
Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory Page
Novel Analysis
GradeSaver: Editing Essays, Resumes and College Applications
Postcolonial Studies @ Emory: Contents
Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature: An Overview
A Glossary of Literary Criticism


Quotations Alphabetical by Author
Literary Locales, links to the places...in the lives and writings of famous authors
The Camelot Project. Arthurian Legends: images, texts, and bibliographies
English lessons and tests
Authors on the Web. A Collection of Biographical Sketches
First Lines, A Sort of Literacy Test

Book Shops

Internet Bookshop WHSmith Online
Waterstone’s Online
Penguin Readers
The Children’s Bookshop
The Book People
Blackwells Bookshop
Heffers: The Cambridge Booksellers
Oxford Graded Readers
Yellow Cactus Bookshop
Bookpost PLC
Adams Booksellers & Stationers (South Africa)
The Coop Bookshop
Smith’s Bookshop
Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle’s Children’s Books
Applebys Bookshop