This exercise is prepared to be done by using a word processor or by printing and photocopying it

By Isabel Pérez Torres

This is a list of sentences that contain at least one mistake each.

  1. I’m with he although he is more young that I.
  2. His most hobbie is the cinema
  3. I think what he’s a good boy and we admire much him.
  4. My brother Poli has 21 years old.
  5. He not work because he is a person retired.
  6. He ‘s short and slim because he not ate when he was young.
  7. Asun is my friend better.
  8. Marta is my cousin. She is the most young of them.
  9. He like eat fast food and he love the music heavy.
  10. He likes spend jokes because he has a good sense of humour.
  11. He has got 63 ans.
  12. I help he in the country.
  13. I think that my father is a person very important in my life
  14. At the night we go to the pub for listen to music.
  15. She’s a student and we live near.
  16. We think that the life is wonderful.
  17. My father punish him sometimes because he is stubborn.
  18. When you meet her as I meet her.............
  19. I talk with she because I can talk everything.
  20. She is crazy when she is in the disco in the saturday night.
  21. She wears a chothes fashionable.
  22. She is stubborn, too, but I like.
  23. She has got four daughter and two childrens.
  24. The people tell that she is a friendly woman.
  25. She is conservative because she likes keep very things.
  26. My cousin Israel lives in Jaén but he borns in Madrid. He has 20 years.
  27. I think what my cousin is very elegant.
  28. My cousin is the most goodf-looking after of me.
  29. They are the family ideal for my.
  30. Her hobbies are walk for the country and travel with my father.
  31. The people say about my mother who she is very a big woman.
  32. His family are the Huelma.
  33. He fairly often talks by telephone with their.
  34. His animals favourites are the birds.
  35. She look likes a TV presenter.
  36. Often he tells a lot of jokes.
  37. My cousin is amusing, generous woman. His hobbies are music and buy clothes.
  38. She has a nose a bit sharp and a small mouth with whites tooths.

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