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Which newspaper would Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher read?
What is in page three in The Sun newspaper?
What is the difference between a news story and a feature story?
After taking part in this WebQuest, you will be able to answer these and many more questions about British newspapers.


British newspapers are a good source of information about British culture and people. But students often find newspapers difficult to understand. By learning the conventions, structures and language features of British newspapers you will be able to enlarge your knowledge of English autonomously through reading authentic texts in printed or online newspapers.

For this reason the English Department has organised a seminar about the press in Britain and the students have applied to participate in various activities.

We congratulate you because, among more than one hundred applicants, you have been selected for taking part in these activities concerning newspapers and therefore, it will be expected that by the end of the seminar, you will be familiarised with this literary genre.


What are the main stories in this week's newspapers?
That all depends on what newspaper you read!

- First, you are going to participate in several activities including a workshop about newspapers in Britain.

- After the workshop, you will take part in a competition to show which team has learnt more by doing the following task:

You will have to prepare two front pages of two papers covering a week period. The objective is to show your fellow students of English philology which were the most relevant news during the week.

  • You will select the news to be included in the front pages among all the articles that are published between Thursday 15th and Wednesday 21st.
  • One of the front pages will be from a quality newspaper and the other one from a tabloid.
  • Finally, you will have to write a paragraph justifying the content and the style you have used in each front page.
  • You will work in pairs:

    - Student A will work for a right- wing newspaper.

    - Student B will work for a left-wing newspaper.

    This way your selection will take into account different perspectives and will include news articles from all the newspapers selected below.

Tasks  Process

Find a partner to work with and go through the following stages in the order presented here:

1red.gif (853 bytes). Activating expectations and reinforcing background knowledge. To do these activities you should only use the resources provided on the pages.

Discuss these questions in pairs or in groups. (5 to 10 minutes)
- What do you know about British newspapers?
- What kind of topics and vocabulary do you think we are going to find in the news during the next week? Write a short list of topics and words in your notebook.

Use your knowledge to write each of the words or phrases on this list (click) under the corresponding heading (do the activity in your notebook and also in pairs):

Sections in a Newspaper Newspaper Structure Components Types of Newspaper

click here to see the answer

Click here to have access to a Treasure Hunt about newspapers. You will learn:

a. What types of newspaper there are in Britain.
b. How information is gathered and presented differently by them.
c.The language and structure of news writing: how to interpret the verbal and visual features of a newspaper.

When you finish the treasure hunt, do the workshop in the second part of the process. Do not forget to read the evaluation section in this WebQuest, before doing the workshop.

2red.gif (877 bytes). Reading and vocabulary workshop where you will:

a. Have a look at the types of newspaper in Britain.
b. Analyse the structure and style of news writing.
c. Learn vocabulary used in headlines and news articles.
d. Learn how to read the press more effectively, increasing your comprehension and reading rate.

Click here to have access to the workshop. It consists of a set of practical exercises that:

The final part of the exercises in this workshop can be done at the same time as the next stage of the process.This way you will put into practice the reading skills that you are developing.

3red.gif (887 bytes). The competition: preparing the task

Read all the instructions before you start this third part of the process including the evaluation section. Use only the proposed resources which you will find bellow. Contact your teacher in the forum or e-mail us if you need any help.

Remember that you can go through this stage while you are doing the exercises in the workshop.

Web Resources  Resources:

Political views of newspapers in the UK

Daily Telegraph

The Guardian

The Sun
Daily Express
Daily Mirror


3red.gif (887 bytes). The Competition: completing the task




Each team will create two front pages and a short text justifying their choices. Students' writing should be clear and concise. Spelling and grammar should be correct.

Students will be evaluated on different items according to the following criteria:

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You have now learnt a number of things about British newspapers including linguistic and cultural aspects. In addition, you have practised and developed your reading skills and you have learnt a lot of new words. And, what is more important, after taking part in this WebQuest, you probably feel better able to read the news as well as other difficult types of text.

Quality Front Pages

Tabloid Front Pages



Isabel Perez Torres