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The music that we like



Music is one of the most important things for young people because It’s an amusing, cheap and healthy entertainment. It’s amusing because time goes by quicklier when you listen to music. It’s healthier and cheaper than other entertainment because it doesn’t damage your health and it doesn’t cost a lot. dancing!!

musicTeenagers talk among them and the topics of conversations are about a lot of things like friends, school, etc, and music. They talk about kinds of music, likes and dislikes, lyrics, etc. In our area you can listen to all kind of music like heavy music, machine music, national and international pop. The musical groups that we usually listen to are:

dancing!!     dancing!!      dancing!!


In short, if you want to have a good time you can listen to music, because it`s one of the best way of entertainment. Finally, we are going to write a sentece very popular among us here: "Living without music will be a mistake."


Mª Jesús Machado Recio
Rafael García García
Francisco Díaz Martínez
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Hey, I'm dancing, too!!!

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