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This page is dedicated to the best PENPAL ever in the world :) :)


Cool NickGreat Nick

Nick's a boy from Filipinas. He´s 16 years old. His real name is Nickel Vincent Lucero Perez and  he said: “Miss Isabel is my cousin”, because our English teacher (Miss Isabel) has the same surname (Pérez). Nick Perez

This year we have written to many people from many countries. Writing e-mails is very interesting because you get to know oher people, with different culture, festivals and traditions, besides you can practise languages. Nick has been the most popular penpal and because of that we write this page.

He started writing to one of us and at the end of the course we were a big group, sometimes we invited other friends, like Nerea or  Mari Carmen  to drop a line to him. Here is a picture of the group:Nick's penpals



From left to right and from top to bottom:
Elena, Mari Carmen, Maria Fuensanta,  Nerea, Teo,  Jose, Puri, and Pilar.


Hi Nick!!!



At a partyHis astral sign is Libra, so he is very friendly and sympathetic. He has got  black brown hair, brown eyes, and little pimples in his face, he is mestizo. He likes soccer, but he doesn´t play it, he just likes watching it. He likes listening to rock, pop, rap, dance music... Nick's favourite  bands are Garden, Hanson, BSB, Oasis, Bush, Boyzone, Blur... ..., his favourite Filipino bands are Eraserheads, River Maya, Sugar Hiccup, and many more.

Nick is very lively and has lots of hobbies, he likes computer, internet, piano, computer games, meeting new friends, strolling, writing... He collects NBA cards.

At school he has a lot of subjects and he hates Maths and Physics. Nick is ANTI-maths!!!. He hates maths because it's difficult to understand, but his favourite subject is the English. He can speak Tagalog and English.  His favourite food are sphagetti and also Macaroni Salad. He likes going to the beach, disco, pubs, malls.Jade



Nick's family is very big and his great grand father and great grand mother are already 90 years old. He has a sister who is very fun (on the right) and is taking Industrial Engineering, he also has a younger brother.


  "I write e-mails to a surprising keypal,  Nick. He is very, very... superrrrr... he writes to me very soon and besides, he can write e-mail to a lot of people. I am lucky of being Nick's penpal. He is very romantic because he can write poems like the following":

      You´re such an angel
      came from the highest level
      a lovely maiden
        given to me from heaven

     and in my heart you´ll
Fuensanta   4-ever stay
                                       nothing can simple keep me
                                       from thinking of you
                                       through & through
                                       and all I can say
                                              I love you".

 Fuensanta (Marie)


" Nick is very, very nice. His country is very small, it is divided into three parts: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao,which is  the capital. He lives in Davao city"                                                     Elena                                      Pili


"Nick is my favourite penpal, I like writing to him because he is very nice and fun". You can trust in him"


"I really like Nick, he goes to parties with his friends and he likes girls as I do. He is very trusthworthy and he says that his girlfriend is very pretty and sexy".   Jose

"Nick is my favourite penpal because he is very, very affectionate  and cool. He always sends us lots of kisses, and though he has a girlfriend, he is very nice". Puri

School is over, we are happy because we will soon be on holidays, but we'll really miss Nick. So, we hope to keep in touch with him again after summer.

"Thanks for your cool and wonderful messages, Nick"   Iza and the group.


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