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  Obama's Victory Speech & Obama Inagural Speech

Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4th, 2008. This is a series of 5 exercises to work with some parts of his speech in Chicago.

Exercises are focused on vocabulary and listening skills

Watch the video at the indicated times

1. Matching exercise
2. Watch the first 2' 30'' minutes of the video and then complete the next exercise
3. Fill the gaps exercise (0:00 - 2:23)

1. Matching exercise (7:35 - 8:55)
2. Try to fill the gaps before you watch the video again(7:35 - 8:55)

1. Do this matching exercise
2. Watch the corresponding part of the video (16:06- 17:00)


Activity: The Oath, by Nelia Pérez
Treasure Hunt: Before Obama, by Carmen C. de Castro

Link to the video with substitles (don't watch it until you watch and complete the exercises above)