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Last Updated 17/2/2011

General Sites

A good way of practising your English as well as meeting new people is using e-mail utilities. There are a lot of sites where you can find addresses and messages from those who are looking for a penpal friend. In those sites, you can also add your message and wait for the answers. Here is a list of some penpal sites, have a look.  

If you want to subscribe to a mailing list or newsgroup of your interest there are  links to some searchers here.    

Student and Class Exchanges

Designing an implementing e-mail projects

Sites for Children
Mailing lists and Groups, BLOGS

 General sites for everyone, not only for students of English, sites to carry out projects, etc.

e-Twinning - Projects yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
The image of the Other
E-Pals yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Global SchoolNet: Find Partners or Projects yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)

Student and class exchanges

Design an e-mail project

Planning an E-mail Project (some ideas)
My students e-mail projects
Robert O'Dowd's telecollaboration site
Robert O'Dowd EFL Homepage yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
The Email Page: a selection of all kind of material collected by Teresa Almeida D'eça

Penpal sites

Dave's ESL E-Mail Connection
E-mail Pen-Pal Opportunities for Students
Intercambio English- Español/ English- Spanish Exchange
International Penpals
Students List Project yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Students of the World
Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) (it seems to be missed since 27 Nov 2006, anyone knows what happened?)
Windows on the World
Its-online: Penpals
Keypal Opportunities for Students
Language learning in tandem partnerships for University students
Mighty Media KeyPals Club
Towerpals, TowerTutors, Classrooms pals
Keypals club, the safest way to connect classroom to clasroom
E-pal Forum

Sites for children

A girl's world online clubhouse
Kidscom, a great way for Kids to meet new friends from all around the world
Penpals club
Kids penpal list

Sites that offer Lists of some more links

Places to Get PenPals!
Volterre-fr’s collection of links and articles
Worldwide Classroom

Mailing Lists and Newsgroups      

Liszt Mailing lists and Newsgroup searcher
Tile.net Mailing lists and Newsgroup searcher
Find and Create an email mailing list
Useful Lists for TEFL/TESL (not recently updated, but still useful yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
BLOGS dealing with education yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
TESL-L Discussion List yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)

Mailing Lists and Newsgroups in Spanish

Newsgroup searcher

Free e-mail accounts

Yahoo mail
Yahoo Groupsl