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Last Updated 26/8/2013


"Web 2.0" is a concept that is connected with a number of web applications that allow everybody to use the Web as a platform to interact and communicate in a personal and dynamic way: expressing opinions in blogs, sharing all kind of documents like pictures, podcasts or videos, creating personal spaces easily, collaborating through wikis and other similar applications, etc.

Language teachers and students can also take advantage of these social applications and on this page I will collect several examples of this pedagogical use and also a list of useful links. Some may be in other languages: Spanish, French, etc.

If you are experimenting with this Web 2.0 technologies let me know about your project or whatever you call it.

Si estáis haciendo experiencias en inglés, francés u otras lenguas podéis comunicármelo, me alegrará conocerlo.


Blogs, Wikis & other spaces to publish sth.
Music & other listening sites

 Podcast sites for everyone, but specially for students of English and other languages

 Podcast for learning English,  What are podcasts? C'est quoi un podcast? ¿Qué es un podcast?
ELT Podcast - Basic/ Intermediate and Teacher Conversations yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) What is a podcast?
Podcasts in english - different level) (Use Firefox!!)yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)C'est quoi un podcast? yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Tu Inglés:Aprender de oido. Practicar y aprender con un nativo yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) Introduction to English Learning Podcasts
Podcasts from the British Council EdTechTalk - Educational Technology That Talks
Business English Podcasts (difficult) Podcasting - Rieb - CNM yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
EF Podcasts (click on "míralo ahora")   
BBC 6 minute English yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)  Search Podcasts
English Listening Online yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) Podcasts for educators, school and colleges 
ESL : Listening : Podcasts, etc, yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) many more links a4esl.org/p = Easy Online RSS Reader for ESL/EFL Podcasts
TOEFL® PodcastMediateca de Educa Madrid (en varios idiomas)yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Listen to English, Learn English yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) Audiobooks yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
ESL Aloud guided practice in speaking English yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) Podcasting News yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Better at English Learn Out Loud: educational podcasts
Our City Podcast (made by students, most from US) yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) Podcast Search Service
The Naked Scientists yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)   
English as a Second Language Podcast   
 Free Podcasts at Quality Time- ESL   

Authentic and advanced English podcasts

 Create &Publish Podcasts & Videos
Podcasts from BBC News Cómo Crear y Publicar Podcasts (taller)
Audiobooks yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) Audacity: a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Voice of America podcasts: Learn American EnglishPODOMATIC: create, and publish your podcasts yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Podcasts - ETJS - English Teacher John Show (difficult)Box.net Online file sharing, content management, collaboration yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Harvard: Understanding Computers and the Internets (just for me)Ourmedia.org publish your podcasts and videos
UC Berkeley Webcasts | Video and Podcasts: Events Libsyn // podcasting made easy / it is not free
Guardian Weekly Podcasts Poderato (español)
TED: Ideas worth spreading yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)Divshare: Professional Media and Document Sharing
University of Virginia Podcasts   
Breaking News English  Experiences
Vaughan Radio Podcasts and Videos Podcast Project 2007 - IES Mediterraneo Salobreña
CounselorAudioSource.Net - Courses   
Splendid Speaking  Italian & Spanish
   Podcasts en Italiano
   Podcasts en Español- Blog de Teresa Sánchez
Français Facile   
Learn French by Podcasts   
Français Interactif   
French for beginners  
Learn French with daily podcasts & video  
Daily French Pod  
The French Podclass   
Advanced French Podcasts  
Le chansons de Carmen Vera yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)   

Blogs, ppt, books, posters, microblogging, etc,

Glogster: Poster yourself El Tinglado Blog- varias áreas
Cómo Crear, Usar y Publicar Blogs y Wikis (taller) The English Corner - primaria
Blogger / Wordpress / Class Blogmeister Tales Out Of Our School
Creaza: tell your stories El Blog de MAlvarez (EOI Granada)
Create a VOKI: an avatar that speaks what you want Blogs creados en taller Bollullos / y los de Sevilla
Twiducate.com - Social Networking For Schools ECML bloggers (English, French)
Edmodo: socialnetwork for schools Between Breda and Caldes
Dipity - Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines Planeta Educativo: todos los blogs educativos en español (profes y centros)
Create books for beginning readers of all ages Sing your English
My Scrapbook Bloggin' away (Carmen López, EOI Mieres)
Slideshare.net / Spicynodes / Word Clouds La Puebla es Bilingüe Blog
Prezi - Flash presentation online Inglés for ESO by Jesús (music & videos)
Spresent / SlideBoom /Authorstream Ana's Blogs (inglés , bilingüísmo)
Screenr | Instant screencasts: Just click record: Blog de Delfina Cuevas (français)
Mind mapping tools: Bubbl.us / Cmap / Mind42 Think in English - by Aurora (primaria)
Vimeo is the home for videos you create El uso del Inglés en el aula de infantil
TechSmith | Jing, instant screenshots and screencasts Blog del IES Fran Luis de León de Cuenca
Animoto - Video Slideshow Maker with Music Carolina, mi página de inglés (Actividades)
Zoomerang.com: Surveys English Blogs by Mónica Somavilla
WWW For Teachers / Quizstar Blog de Alfonso López
Divshare: Professional Media and Document Sharing Blogs by Sheila Thompson: British English for children / B E Links
Box.net Online file sharing, content management, collaboration Anna's Blog: A blog to help you improve your English
Soungle: Sound search engine for Download: Silvia Pico 's Blog: English for Teaching
Learningapps.org quizzes/ Compare English for tourism blog by Mª Luisa Ochoa
Educaplay quizzes/    
ISSUU: publish pdf documents    
Osun.org. Document Search engine Pdf, doc, ppt    


Sites to Create, Subtitle, Host, etc. Videos

Add Subtitles to your Videos - Featured Videos | dotSUByellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Amara: the easiest way to subtitle a video
Add Subtitles to your Videos - Overstreamyellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
TechSmith | Jing, instant screenshots and screencasts
Vimeo is the home for videos you create
ESL Video. com (create quizzes with videos from YouTube, etc.)
You Tube- EDU yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Teacher Tube yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Quietube: Video without the distractions yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Google Videos yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Sites with VIdeos with Useful Content
Free Technology for teachers
Free ICT Technology help videos for teachers
ESL Videos (to teach and learn English)yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
ESL VIDEOS yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Jennifer ESL Videos at you Tube yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Grey's VIDEOS yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Linguaspectrum videos yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Teachers TV yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Khan Academy yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes) yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Vidipedia: The web's first video encyclopedia - yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Phonetics, Listening, and more Videos for teaching and learning English yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Encyclopeadia Britannica yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
TED: Ideas worth spreading yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Vaughan Radio and Television Videosyellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
HowStuff Works- Videos yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Wonder How to Videos
Bio. Videos - biographies yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Greenpeace TV
BBC News Player
Blip TV discover the best in original web series
Movie Trailers from Apple. com
Official YouTube Channel for the British Monarchy
Hulu.com: Watch TV. Watch Movies. | Online | Free
Dailymotion (mainly French videos)
PBS Learning Mediayellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
News Audio and Video Sites yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Macmost: Video Tutorials, News and Insights for Apple Users

Music : lyrics, artists, etc.

Go ear
Radio Blog
Esfresh.com: Music, Videos, radio
Lyrics Connection
BBC: About Music
BBC - Audiointerviews
Lyrics of Songs (not only in English)
BBC Videoclips
BBC artists-and songs
BBC - World Music
Song lyrics
Disney Scripts
Disney Lyrics
The Online Shrine: actors, actresses, athletes, musicians 
BBC - Radio 1 - Artists A-Z 
BBC - Eurovision 2005 
Online Biographies
Free Mp3s (Bios, listen, etc.)
Web de Música by Carne Miró
Classics for Kids
Music Quizzes
Essentials of Music
Mp3 download
Emotional Literacy