This is the result of a project carried out in the English class. It consisted in reading some information on the Web in English about what happened in Galicia in November when an oil tanker called "Prestige" sank near the Spanish coast.

Students in 4º C have answered some questions about this incident and written a composition about it.

Link to the project page

Bellow you have some of their final compositions.


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Writings about the Prestige Disaster in the Galician Coast
by students in 4º C from IES Isaac Albéniz (Málaga)

Who is to blame?
Perhaps, this is a question that we are asking ourselves. But now this problem doesn't care. I think that the real problem is the environment and the fishermen of Galicia that remain inactive. The people are who pay the price, because now they are working on the cleaning tasks for cleaning the beaches affected (more than 180) and they have already taken 3000 tons of fuel oil. In the meantime there are a large number of environment repercussions in the affected area, like for example:
In the Costa da Morte, Estuarios of Anllons, Carnota......., And "at least 250 birds from eighteen different species have already been affected by the black slick".
In conclusion, a devastated ecosystem and thousand the people without work. Finally, I think that it's not fair! And together we have to help them. "I hope it has a happy ending".

Rocio Berdugo Luque

The tanker "Prestige", one tanker that transported oil broke in two and sank in the bottom of the ocean in which spilled the oil that transported in the cost of Galicia and has affected the fish that there live and the 250 birds from eighteen different species that were migrating. Now a lot of people work cleaning the Spanish cost.

I think that the catastrophe of the tanker "Prestige" is a misfortune for the fishermen of Galicia, because the fish that live in the cost of Galicia have died due to the fuel that is in the cost of Galicia.

Jose Carlos Gallego Carabante

My opinion is that they shouldn't have left the tanker ship in Spanish water, because this could happen.

Juan Francisco Maldonado

Will this problem be solved?
I think that this problem will last, and, what do you think?
The Prestige is a ship that broke in two parts.After this accident, the Prestige lost fuel, that it is called " black dizzy·".
The fuel went to the Galician coasts. While a submarine tries to cover all the exits of fuel of the Prestige, in
Galicia a lot of volunteers and Galicians clean the beaches, but it is very hard. Now the winds are taking the fuel to France.
In conclusion, the coasts of Galicia are " black" and soon will be the coasts of France.

Beatriz De Haro Aguilar 4ºC

My opinion about the disaster of "Prestige" is that this incident will be an important natural disaster.
A lot of animals and ecosystems are very affected.
The ship was old (twenty years old) and the fuel oil escaped from the ship is 20.000 tones, but it still has 50.000 tones of fuel oil in it. Nowadays the Galician coast is very dirty and affected. And, a lot of families are worried about the economy of Galicia.

Pili Jiménez.

I think that what happened in Galicia is a disaster. Everybody has been scared. The most important problem for me is that, many birds and fish died, and the "gallegos" can not work because they live on the fishing and the sea has a lot of "Chapapote". It's a disaster!
People from many countries came to help to clean the beach. Eventually, the "Chapapote" is advancing towards France, but I think the problem is for the whole world. It is a very serious problem.

Eva Hornero.

We can say " this is an international disaster"
Let analyse The Problem:
Causes: The Prestige was an old oil tanker with only one hull.

Consequences: Environmentally disaster: The fauna and flora of the sea will not recuperate before it passes 20 years.
Economical and social disaster: Thousand of families can't work, because they live on the sea.It affects tourism.


- To close cracks of the hull
- To pump fuel out of the oil tanker
- The Spanish scientific are studying a new bacterium that eats fuel. It will be a good solution.

Francisco Javier Bravo Márquez


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The accident of the Prestige happened two months ago, and the problem isn't controlled yet.
The ship is 3600m of depth and it is 250km near the Spanish coast.
The fuel began affecting only the coast in Galicia, but now it's affecting Asturia, Cantabria, Pais Vasco, France, and Portugal.

Since the Prestige was wrecked many "gallegos" Have lost their work and have lost money. The Spanish President asked help to other countries in Europe. Europe gives money to Spain to buy Things to assist to remove the crude. In Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria people don't stop arriving to remove the crude, even at Christmas. I think that the people who help are good but they should help till the end. The Prestige disaster isn't only two days.

Francisco Pérez Torres

I think that this incident is the disaster more important in a long time because this isn't a problem of the present it is a problem of the future.
First the Prestige has caused problems in the nature: dead birds and fish, and a second problems is the fishing area.
The fuel has arrived as far as the coast of France for this reason the disaster isn't just a problem of Spain.
On TV I saw a lot of people helping to take off fuel in Galicia an they are the only hope for the villages of Galicia because the government seems not to want to help.

Lorena García Fuertes

I think that the Prestige, shouldn't have gone to the coast of Galicia, because it was in wrong conditions, I believe that is a catastrophe.There are a lot of families affected that work with the shellfish in this coast. In my opinion now they need an economic support. This will have hard consequences for a long time.

Lorena Serrano Escobar

What happened to the Prestige?
The tanker "Prestige" broke in two. It happened on 19th of November. The ship sent the SOS on 13th Wednesday.
The ecosystems affected are the marine ecosystems.
The animals that will be affected by this disaster are the sea animals and birds, because they live in this habitat.

Pilar Herrador Aguilar

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The most important natural catastrophe in Spain has been the Prestige disaster. The Prestige is an oil tanker from Athens.
The Prestige caused a disaster on 19th of November because it broke in two parts. The oil tanker sent an SOS on Wednesday 13th of December. It damaged the Galician coast, north Western corner Iberian Peninsula, The costa d Monte Pinda, Monte and Laguna de Louro, Estuario del Tambre and others were the most affected. The birds as much as shellfish were affected. The Prestige disaster is causing that the tree main industries in this area as fishing, agriculture and tourism are decaying. The government has sent soldiers to help to clean the coast. The natural catastrophe will take a minimum of five years.

Pili Escudero Povedano

Since the Pretige sank, Galicia and Spain aren't the same. People from Spain and the whole Europe are removing crude. Galicia is cleaner although the sea of Galicia is dirty.
Sergio Gómez
Black future

The "Prestige", oil tanker, suffered an accident on the coast of Spain, on 13th November 2002.
The oil tanker contained more the 77000 tones of fuel. The impact on the Spanish coast has affected in different degrees.
More than 100 miles of coastline had been covered by the stricken Prestige's cargo. The fishermen formed a barrier with their boats in an attempt to keep out the sludge. The Spanish authorities had ordered an operation to seal holes in the hull of the sunken tanker Prestige. The fishermen are in a desperate situation, some have gone on hunger strike, and hundreds of Spanish sailors joined volunteers on some beaches to clean. I think that this problem will continue for several years in the affected areas.

Sonia Fernández Sánchez

On 19th of November the government believed that it was a nothing, but it was, so the Prestige sank and the fuel went out then it arrived the beach of Galicia. The fishermen aren't working and now they're cleaning the beaches, now, the fuel is arriving at France..... In conclusion, the fishermen will spend a lot of time to clean the beaches.

Juan Antonio Zaragoza Navarro

A lot of people have gone to Galicia to help. There are dead birds and fish, but the most affected are the fishermen because they live on this. I think that the responsibility is not just of the Galician people, also all of Spain.
I think that the government do not help the villages of Galicia.

Vanesa Martinez Guerrero

What is the Prestige?

The Prestige is a ship that contaminated a lot of beaches. 6.000 tonnes of fuel escaped from the ship. The ship is managed by a Liberian Company in Athens. To empty the ship's cargo will take between a minimum of five and maximum of 39 months. So It's the worst catastrophe in Spain. At first the Prestige broke in two parts on 19th of November and It sent an S.O.S on Wednesday 13th of December. The ship has contaminated a lot of places. The ecosystems specially affected are: The Galician coast, north western corner Iberian Peninsula, the costa da Morte Pinda, Monte and Laguna de Louro, Estuario del Tambre and other more. The pollution has affected a lot of birds because now is a time of migration, also the pollution has affected marine life. The north beaches are contaminated.

I think that this problem is very serious. A lot of volunteers are helping to take fuel oil off the beaches. But they have to stop when they have been working one hour because working for a lot of time is dangerous. They can feel sick and dizzy. It's a hard work. In conclusion this problem will last a lot of time because every day there are more contaminated places

Nati Giraldo Ortega

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