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We are doing a survey about drugs in the English class. Please, fill out the questionnaire and submit it. Thanks a lot for your collaboration.

Click here to see the results of the survey till now   emsmiled.gif (869 bytes)

Students developing this project: Iván Gónzalez, Violeta Olmos, Lidia Rámirez and Noemí Fernández (4º ESO D, Isaac Albéniz- Málaga- Spain)

Activity created by Isabel Pérez Torres


1.  Are you a girl or a boy? a girl a boy 
2.  How old are you?

3.  Where do you live? Town Country
4. Have you ever taken drugs?YESNO
5. Which drugs have you taken?
6. Why?
7. In your circle of friends or in your family, does anyone take any kind of drugs?YESNO
8. Which drugs do they take?

9. Do you know if drugs are sold in your school or somewhere near you?

10. Where are they sold?

In your opinion:

I agree with this opinion

I don't agree with this opinion

a. If you take drugs you feel better
b. Tobacco is a drug
c. Alcohol is a drug
d. The most dangerous drugs are....
e. Drugs should be legalise
f.  Why?
g. There are drugs only in the deprived areas
h. Organisation for prevention is effective

© Copyright Isabel Pérez Torres