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If you are one of my students carrying out the projects on Drugs and Healthy life, you probably have read enough to answer the questions in the following quizzes. Try some of them and see how much you have learnt. If there is anything that you don't know, you may go back to the sites and ckeck the answers.

If you are not one of my students and/ or you want to get information about those topics go to this page where there is a good selection of links.


Fill in our Drug Questionnaire

Alcohol and other Drugs: Myths and Misconceptions

Drugs - Test Your Knowledge

CBBC Newsround Quiz: advice and information on drugs

CIA and the War on Drugs: Quiz

Drug Awareness Interactive Quiz

Drugs: Facts and Fictions, (BBC)


Sexual Health Quiz

Health: Sex - True or False

About Boys and Girls

What sex is your brain? ( flash)

Interactive Body (flash)

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