Eurovision Song Contest Winner Party

Bravo Rosa!!!

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1. Introduction

2. Tasks

3. Resources

4. Process

5. Evaluation

6. Conclusion

7. Teacher's Notes


You have been chosen to organise the party for the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2002. You are a committee of 4 people, each of you has a different job to do.

Rosa has won the contest and you have to organise a special party for her and the Spanish team. The party is going to be held in Barcelona. The guests will spend three days having a tourist tour in the city and on the last day they will attend a big party with Rosa.


You will have to write a report with all the details about every particular aspect of the party. That is:

1. The guests (description and reasons to invite them)

2. The accommodation and tourist visits (hotels selected, description of the tourist visit)

3. The place of the celebration (description and reasons to choose it)

4. The food (description of the menu and reasons for your selection)

Later you will have to present your report for approval to your classmates.


1. Decide who is going to be the expert for each section in every group of four.

2. Talk about the main aspects of the event, specially the kind of party you want to organise and set up some of the conditions to organise everything.

3. Go to "Resources" in order to find the information you need for each section. Try to find all the information in the selected web pages. There are plenty of good sites on the web but you'd better don't spend much time on searching it.

4. Gather the information and pictures that can be useful for you. If it is necessary, print some pages out.

5. Examine and analyse the information that you  have found. Discuss with your group what you have got and explain for what it could be useful. Propose your choices and the reasons for them. 

5. Use your own words to write your report about every aspect.

6. To write the final project use the word processor. You should also include some pictures from the Web.



The Eurovision Song Contest On Line
Operación Triunfo - a celebration for Rosa
Spain - Rosa "Europe's Living a Celebration"
BBC News: Spanish pop show breaks the record

Guests expert

Eurovision 2002 Participants
Celebrities Search
The Internet Movie Database
Celebrity Palace

Accommodation and tourist visit to Barcelona

Barcelona Hotels
Barcelona Guide
The website of the Barcelona city : Barcelona
Travel Destinations: Barcelona

Place of  the celebration

Travel Destinations: Barcelona : Barcelona

Food expert

Spanish Recipes
Catalan specialities and traditional dishes
Project About Food in Spain
Recipes from all over the world


Your report will be evaluated in group, it means that all of you have to work hard to get a good mark.

Visual presentation will be also evaluated as well as grammatical and spelling correctness.


You have learnt how to describe people, places and events in English.

Now, you know Barcelona and some of your favourite artists better.

You know more about Spanish and European food.

Teacher's Notes

Current affairs have inspired me to design this webquest, but  the teacher can adapt this model to other special events or news. There is always a reason to celebrate with a party to congratulate someone. The celebrity can change but the activity can remain more or less the same.

The sessions and time required will depend on the level of the students and on the extension of the final reports that the students have to write. The teacher can adapt the webquest to each group according to these factors and to time availability.


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