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An Activity sent by Paco Acuña
Text adapted Adapted from TIME


On stage at a tacky Madrid bar, a female impersonator mimes a famous star's theme song, while the star herself sits at a front table, enjoying the knowing travesty.
This is the sort of scene that made the international reputation of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. His new movie, "High Heels", which opened in Spain last fall, has got mad love, a bad-seed child, acrobatic sex and, of course, cross-dressing. And yet it already has even true believers asking, "Is that all there is?".
What we have here is vintage Almodóvar, which is why his devotees are disappointed. It is the dilemma of any satirist whose work becomes popular. The filmmaker is caught between two audiences: his core admirers and the larger universe of moviegoers looking for an evening diversion. And in between, Almodóvar tries to grow, find his own way, tell stories and keep himself interested.

(TIME, January 20, 1992)

1. Explain why so many believers of Almodóvar wonder "Is that all there is?".
2. Explain the problems Almodóvar faces with every new film.

1. In your ow words, explain the meaning of the expression "cross dressing".
2. Find in the text one word of similar meaning for each of the following:
a. actor; b. autumn; c. fame; d. frustrated; e. amusement.

Write a composition (80- 100 words) on one topic:
1. How do you like the films of Almodóvar ? Give your reasons.
2. What is your favourite kind of films ? Give reasons for your answer.

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