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An Activity sent by Paco Acuña


It started so simply in the spring of 1939 when National Comics wanted a new super hero. An 18-year-old cartoonist named Bob Kane had an idea: "a vigilante within the law"; the Bat-man made his first appearance. How could Kane have known that 50 years later a Bat-fever would grip the land ?
The story of Batmania is a story about the struggle for the soul of a great American hero. It is also a story about canny promotion, the tectonic movements of popular taste and the nostalgia of self-obsessed generation for its own fading youth.

Batman goes into the deep currents, and the possibilities he offers are more enticing ones imaginable: justice in a world that is unjust and autonomy in a world that people feel powerless to control. People lead mundane lives and everybody in their fantasies would like to be like their hero. "Batman", the movie, is only the chapter in what seems to be an enduring American myth.


1. How was Batman born ?
2. What does Batman offer this world ?
3. Why do people like this superhero ?


1. Explain the meaning of justice ?

2. Find a word in the text for this definition:
"a traditional story of historical content whose origin has been lost".

3. Match each of the following words with a synonym:

4.Match these words with an antonyn:

Write sentences similar in meaning beginnig with the word/s given:

1.Why doesn't she just listen to me ?
I wish ...

2.You should hurry or you'll miss the bus.
If ...


Write a short composition (100-120 words) on:

A) The importance of superheroes in our society. OR
B) Your favourite superhero.

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