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Drug seizures

Drug seizures are up all over the world, while U.S. cocaine demand is down. The leaders of the infamous Medellín cocaine cartel are all dead or in prison, and U.S. and Colombian police are now going after the drug's money launderers (blanqueadores). As George Bush and five of his

Latin American counterparts prep are to meet this week in San Antonio, Texas, for their second summit on drug menace, they would seem to have good reason to congratulate themselves;

international cooperation has never been smoother.

Now the bad news. While lawmen have scored some stunning successes against drug traffickers since 1990's inaugural drug summit in Cartagena, Colombia, the trade appears to be as resilient as ever. The drug monster seems impossible to kill; each amputated limb simply grows back, perhaps

somewhere else. Harassed in their native country, Colombia coke traffickers have shifted some of their operation to Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador and opened up new markets in Europe.

(TIME, March 2, 1992)


1. Give at least two reasons why the presidents at the San Antonio meeting can congratulate themselves.

2. Why have coke traffickers moved to countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia ?


1. In your own words, explain the meaning of this sentence:

"... the trade appears to be as resilient as ever."

2. Find in the text one word of similar meaning for each of the following ones.

a. traffic; b. equal; c. get ready; d. meeting; e. excellent.


Write a composition (60 to 80 words) on this topic:

Do you think that smoking and alcoholic drinks can be considered as drugs?

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