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Ejemplo Prueba de acceso tipo Bachillerato, modelo anterior al año 2001
An activity created by Isabel Pérez Torres (text Adapted from "Time" , January 13, 1997 )


More than 150 people died as artic winds swept across Europe and parts of North America, bringing record low temperatures and icy roads. The worst casualties were in Central Europe, but everywhere the vulnerable - old, homeless, drunk and unlucky - were victims. A new Year's tradition was nearly frozen out in London, where Big Ben's timing mechanism had to be de-iced by technicians in time for its midnight peals. Central Italy was cloggeg by snow . In Canada, avalanches isolated tiny towns in Britsh Columbia, where residents relied on planes for bread and milk.

But harsh weather brought joy to Holland. Skaters crowded canals that were frozen, thick enough- 15 cm- to plan the "Elftendentoch", or Eleven Cities Tour , which is a 200-km skating marathon linking cities in the northen Friesland region. The race, which has been run only 14 other years in this century, captivates the Ducth and makes its winners an instant national hero. The last race, in 1986, attracted 16,000 skaters and a million onlookers. (170 palabras) 1 Riguroso, duro


  1. What was the effect of the artic winds sweeping across Europe?
  2. What does "Elftendentoch" mean?
  3. How many people took part in the race in 1986?


  1. Find a synonym in the text for SPECTATORS.
  2. Find a synonym in the text for HAPPINESS.
  3. Give an opposite of ISOLATED.
  4. Give an opposite of THICK.


  1. Put the following sentence into the active voice: The Big Ben's timing mechanism had to be de-iced by technicians in time for its midnight peals.
  2. Put the following sentence into reported speech: A skater said " it's the second time I've been in this race, the first one I was twenty"
  3. Join the sentences with a relative pronoun: "Skaters crowded frozen canals. Canals were 15 cm thick."
  4. Complete the following sentence: If the canals hadn't been frozen, the marathon.........................................

PRODUCTION Choose one of the topic and write a composition (80-100 words).

  1. My favourite season is .........(winter, spring, .................)
  2. How does bad weather affect our life?

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