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An Activity sent by Paco Acuña
Text adapted Adapted from NEWSWEEK


Remember the old retail photo booth, where a romantic couple could sit and make goofy faces while a camera snapped pictures for posterity ? Now, a Canadian company has developed a high-tech video adaptation of that idea. The Starmaker is a fully automated booth that enables consumers to make their own three-minute videocassette superimposing their image and voice onto preprogrammed video scenes with music and special effects.
Consumers can, for example, insert themselves in music videos or appear with their favourite characters in certain TV shows and movies.
Each Starmaker station is operated with the help of a computerized voice that takes the user through the production progress. The user's image, the special effects and the sound are mixed by a computer and recorded onto a videotape, which would cost between $10 and $15.

1. What is the Starmaker for ?
2. What kind of videocassette can you make with this machine ?
3. Whose instructions do you follow to use the Starmaker ?

1. In your own words, explain the meaning of this expression: "high-tech".
2. Find in the text one word of similar meaning for each of the following:
a. take; b. allow; c. introduce; d. some; e. course.

Write a composition (80 to 100 words). Choose ONE of these options:
Option A: The kind of videocassette you would record in a Starmaker booth.
Option B: Your favourite hobby.

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