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An Activity sent by Paco Acuña
Text adapted Adapted from TIME


The ancient Egyptians and Aztecs did it. Even Neardenthal man did it. Every society has discarded used packages, from broken amphoras to plastic bags. The Germans are hoping to become the first to break the habit with new rules that make the country's manufacturing, retailing and packaging sectors responsible for recycling the wrappings and containers of everything they sell. "We want what nobody has ever done," says Peter Menke Glückert, a retired civil servant who crafted the new laws. "We want to stop the throwaway society. Our goal is to have a complete recycling society".
Eventually, Germans hope to reclaim and recycle every product turned out by their factories. "Computers, radios, cars, everything will go back to the maker when they are no longer usable," says the spokesman of the Ministry of the Environment. "This is already forcing manufacturers to rethink how they make those things."
For now, however, Germany is attacking only packages, not their contents. As of last December, stores have been required to take back transport packing, the foam blocks, cardboard boxes and plastic wrappings used to protect products during shipment. "It is a free?market approach," says the spokesman. "The companies themselves have to find a way to care of the problem, not local governments."


1. What do the new German rules try to break ?
2. Which way will the companies take care of the problem ?


1. Find words of similar meaning to:
a. throw away; b. objective; c. shop; d. preserve
2. Explain in your words the following expression: "... a complete recycling economy."


Write a composition of between 80 to 100 words on the following topic:
What are the advantages of recycling ?

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