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An Activity sent by Paco Acuña


There is a whole category of toys that so many parents dislike but so many children adore: guns, tanks, fighter aircraft, warships, swords, daggers and soldiers. Is it worth putting up some resistance to the attack or is it true that children will play bang, bang, you're dead whether you like it or not ?

Surely parents must be guided by their own feelings on this matter. If you feel that there is something wrong when small children play at killing as if it is ordinary fun, why should you bite your tongue ? Perhaps they don't understand what it is they are playing ? Well, perhaps now is also the time to tell them you don't really like it and explain why.

Few parents tolerate any kind of verbal violence, even when children don't understand what it means. Parents will stop children from using "bad language" because such language is widely considered shocking and aggressive from children. So why should we absolve its play equivalent ? If, in adult life, we believe that communication, negotiation, reason and compromise are the right way to deal with those who disagree with us, why should we approve of our children eliminating people with a storm of imaginary bullets ?

COMPREHENSION (1 point each)


1. What must sensitive parents do about the toys mentioned in the text ?
2. Is the writer in favour or against children playing war games ? Explain your answer.
3. What, according to the text, are the bases of life in society ?

VOCABULARY (0.5 point each)

a) Find synonyms to these words: aggression, accept
b) Find antonyms to these words: written, different
c) Find in the text a word that means "motive or justification for something"
d) Explain in your own words the meaning of "bang, bang, you're dead" (line 6)

GRAMMAR (1 point each)

Complete each sentence in such a way that it means the same as the sentence before it.

1. Parents must be guided by their own feelings.
Parents' own feelings ...

2. "Don't play with guns, children", said Sue.
Sue ...

COMPOSITION (3 points)

Write a composition (80-100 WORDS). Choose ONE of the following options. Specify your option

a) Your opinion about war OR
b) Should toys used for war games be forbidden ?

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