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Predicting that 10 years from now video phones will be as popular as cordless phones and fax machines, last week AT&T introduced the first full-colour motion video phone that operates over regular phone lines. With the Videophone 2500, callers can send moving pictures of themselves and see moving pictures of the person to whom they are speaking.
The Videophone 2500 resembles a standard multiline phone and plugs into a regular wall jack. It features a fold-up panel that includes both a three-square-inch liquid?crystal display and a camera that films speakers while they are speaking.
The product transmits only 10 video frames per second, much slower than the 30-frame-per-second standard for "full motion" video, but AT&T officials say the picture quality
was acceptable to test-market consumers.
The phone, which will be available in the United States in May, will cost $1,500.

(NEWSWEEK, January 20, 1992)

1. Give the reason why AT&T has introduced the Videophone 2500 in the market.
2. Which is the main advantage that makes this video phone different to any other one?
3. Is there any special disadvantage in using it ? If so, which one ?

1. In your own words, explain the meaning of the expression "test-market consumers".
2. Find in the text one word of similar meaning for each of the following:.
a. general; b. model; c. screen; d. decent.

Write a composition (80 to 100 words). Choose ONE of these options:
Option A: Write a story about a product, something you would like to buy.
Option B: Why do you think people love talking over the phone ?

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