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What is love ? And what causes it ? An American professor, Charles Zastrow, offers an interesting answer, particularly to the second question. He argues that there are many kinds of love and that particularly in one kind, which he calls "romantic love", we are strongly influenced not so much by what we actually feel but by what we tell ourselves about the way we feel. He calls this "self?talk".
For example, say a woman is strongly attracted to a man. She tells herself things like "He is all I have ever wanted in a man!". But when she discovers that he is just an ordinary human being with both strong and weak points, she is bitterly dissapointed.
Zastrow says that particularly in romantic love, our self-talk comes from "intense, unsatisfied desires and frustrations", and that this kind of love often requires distance. "The more forbidden the love, the stronger it becomes". He points out that this kind of love begins to fade and die as soon as a normal relationship begins.
He contrasts romantic love with what he calls "rational love". This is based, among others, on such things as the ability to communicate with each other openly, so that you can deal with problems as they appear, and a clear knowledge of your own goals in life. This kind of love leads to a lasting, satisfying relationship, but it is much more difficult to achieve, and is not as frequent as romantic love.

A. COMPREHENSION (1 point per question)

1. What is "romantic love"?
2. According to Zastrow, why cannot "romantic love" last ?
3. Which are the main differences between "romantic and rational love" ?

B. VOCABULARY (1 point per question)

4. a) SYNONYMS: a. Types b. In fact c. Common d. Demand
b) ANTONYMS: a. Dull b. Permitted c. Short d. Rare.

5. a) Explain the meaning of: "a clear knowledge of your own goals in life."
b) Give the English word for this definition: "talent, sufficient power, cleverness, mental power."

C. STRUCTURES (1 point per question)

Rewrite these sentences using the words given:
6. I went to see her flat. She lived in it when she was a student.
I ...

7. I didn't put any sugar in the coffee and it was bitter.
If I ...

D. COMPOSITION (3 points)
Write a composition (90-100 words) about LOVE

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