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"Drive My Car" By Beatles

I asked a girl "What do you want to be?"
She said if I, Baby, couldn´t see,
That she wanted to be famous, star of the screen,
But that I could do something in between.

That I, baby, could drive her car
That, yes, she was gonna [going to] be a star
That I, baby, could drive her car
And that maybe she´d love me.
I told my girl "My prospects are good"
She said to baby that it was understood,
That working for peanuts was all very fine,
But that she could show me a better time.
Beep, beep, mmm, Beep, beep, mmm, yeah!

I told that girl "I can start right away"
And she told me to listen, that she had something to say,
That she´d got no car, and that it was breaking her heart,
But that she´d found a driver, and that that was a start.

By Pablo Carrascosa

Music link to Radio Blog

1. Please say what they said exactly... or report the literal words in reported speech


2.Please match the person with the sentence and rewrite his/her words in reported speech...

A Greek philosopher

Alejandro Sanz


John Lennon

José Ortega y Gasset

Mr Aznar


The evil fairy queen

"I am myself and my circumstances"

"I only know that I know nothing"

"I think, therefore I am"

"I´ve got my heart torn apart"

"Imagine all the people living life in peace"

"Spain´s doing fine"

"We´ll try to beat Bayern Munich"

"Who´s more beautiful than me?"



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