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Young people and sport


Sport is very important for young people. Everybody should practise some sport, it is very essential. If you practise sport you will have a healthy life, you mustn’t drink alcohol and you mustn’t smoke. It is wonderful for the heart and lungs.because, you burn a lot of calories.

If you take up a sport you won’t have limits, you’ll meet new people, new friends. Sport helps you if you have any problems,... and it joins all the countries together. Practising a sport is very easy, and you only need to feel like it.

In our town, Huelma(Jaén), the main sports are football, basketball and mountain-biking, althouht the most popular one is football.

Firstly, for me, the best is mountain-biking. Mountain-biking is a sport suitable for people of all ages who enjoy being outdoors. I had an unforgettable biking experience in Sierra Mágina. We rode the forest tracks through the mountains. The forests of pines are so beautiful and there are a lot of wilds goats, squirrels, eagles, etc; I hope not to forget it...It was amazing!. Practising mountain-biking you can see a lot of places and a lot of villages. Football is the second sport that I prefer. Football is a very exciting sport, my favourite team is Real Madrid.

In my school there are football and basketball competitions. My friends and I were champions of the basketball competition. There were only two teams. In summer’97 there was a competition of football, we got the first position.

In my village there is a very big sport centre, it is wonderful; I practise sports there with my friends. We play football, handball, basketball, etc. Some of my friends are:

Meñi, he is really keen on cycling; he is a fan of Miguel Indurain.
Rafa and Arturo, they are two fanatics of football, Rafa loves Betis and Arturo loves Real Madrid, they are always arguing about football.
Oscar, he is really keen on basketball, he loves Chicago Bulls and he is a
fanatic of Jordan.
Juan and Jose, they like playing "ping-pong", table tennis.

Finally, I think you should practise sports, it is the best thing that you can do. Just do it! Take up a sport!

Nicolas Barajas García
Miguel Angel Pardo Pereira
1º Bachiller A


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