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Last Updated 5/10/2006

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One of the aim of Isabel's ESL site is to publish writings and projects of my students. Instead of doing their writings on paper I sometimes ask them to write using a word processor and later I edit their stories or projects. I was  teaching in "IES Sierra Mágina" School in the province of Jaén in Spain, and I have just moved to a new school "IES Isaac Albéniz" in Málaga, so the writings and projects published in this site are from my former students though soon there will be new collaborations from my students in Málaga.

Through the years I have also carried out e-mail experiences and on some occasions my students and I wrote and edited a project about the experience, here you can read about some of these penpal exchanges. The Christmas project also includes two questionnaire that can be useful for your classroom.

I have just started a new section with links to some projects from other students that may be interesting for primary and secondary students and teachers. Don't miss it!

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Excursion to Ronda (December 2004)
Student in (2002-2003)
Students from 4º D (2001-2002)


4C Blog - Reading online
Backstreet Boys
Drugs Survey
Food In Spain
Geologic Glossary
Our Future
Ricky Martin
Love Messages
Málaga, the city where we live
The Prestige disaster
The teachers
The music we like
Ubeire's Trip
Why I don't like to study
Young people and sport

    Penpal Projects

Nick Perez  (Our favourite penpal)  
Christmas Project
Our Keypals from Iowa  See Their Web Pages  
Spain - The Netherland Project STUDENTS FROM NETHERLAND
Spain - The Netherland Project STUDENTS FROM SPAIN (2001-2002)
E-mail Project: Málaga- Iowa (2001-2002)
E-mail Project: Málaga- Iowa (2002-2003)
Planning an E-mail Project

Links related to the penpals we have had in the last years

Uppsala Town-Culture
The Kingdom of Sweden
Sweden, basic facts
The Vikings
Datos sobre Suecia (Spanish)
The City of Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls High School in Iowa
Kissimmee, Florida - Official City Web Site
About Kissimmee, Florida
Osceola High School in Kissimmee
Crisfield- Maryland
Crisfield High School in Maryland

Guest Teachers & Students  

"The Jaroso Mirror"- Gazette by the students of my friend Luisa González de Castejón in Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería) new1.gif (186 bytes)
Blog de Rosa Ezquerra: The English Corner new1.gif (186 bytes)
Students from Talavera de la Reina
Daring Reporters. Orator 2005. by Anna Aznar & Jordi Jordan. IES Ronda Lleida
Visiting London, a Webquest by Bas Trimbos from Netherlands
Students from Aldehuela de la Bóveda, Calzada de Don Diego & Robliza de Cojos
This is a website about race, racism, and life - as seen through the eyes of the Britkids
Teresa Almeida D'eça's pages
The VIVA Project: the Virtual Interactive Villagein the Ardèche
Saxoloco: a good site about the Saxophone made by a student of mine (Antonio Gallego) with other colleages