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Our Teachers


We’re pupils and we study in I.E.S. "Sierra Mágina", a school in the south of Spain.This new activity is carried out by the English teacher and the students of 1st of Bachillerato. It starts on Andalusia’s day (28th February). The activity consists on writing about our teachers and their subjects .First, we’re going to introduce you our teachers:

Encarna is our Maths teacher. She lives in Jaén. She is tall and she has got long brown hair and green eyes. She comes to the school by car every day. She has got three daughters: two twins. She’s a good teacher."She explains very quickly."

Pepa is the Language teacher. She is tall and she has got blond hair and blue eyes. She lives in Granada and she started to work one year ago. She is our tutor, too. Pepa is a very beautiful and young woman.She is a good teacher, too.
"She blushes when she makes a mistake."

Jesus Piñar is the Ecology teacher. He is tall and he lives in Granada. He has got brown and curly hair and brown eyes. He is the Head Teacher. Before, he wore informally. Now he wears with designer clothes (Lloyd’s, Emilio Tucci, Burberrys). He has got two sons and he is very strict, but he is a very good teacher.
"He made the school painted pink."

Isabel is our English teacher. She isn’t very tall, but she is strong. She has got dark hair and black eyes. She lives in Granada. She usually wears dark clothes and a leather jacket. She is a very good teacher, too.
"Before, she was director of studies"

We have got other teachers. Their names are: Julio, Jesus G., Jacinto, Luis, Amparo, Mª Carmen, Montse and Paqui. Julio is more elegant than Jesus G. Julio lives in Granada and Jesus G, lives in Jaén. They teach us less lessons. Julio is our economy teacher and Jesus G. is the Physical Education teacher. Jacinto is taller and thinner than Luis. Jacinto is a computer and Physical Education teacher and Luis is our Biology and Geology teacher. Jacinto is an expert on computers and Luis is a good climber. Once he climbed the Himalaya.

Mª Carmen is our Religion teacher. She lives in Huelma and she is very solidary. She likes organizing a ot of activities in the school. Amparo is our Physics and Chemistry teacher. She lives in Granada and she wears with designer clothes: "Burberrys, Yvesantlaurent, Don Algodón, etc."Paqui has got blond hair and Montse has got dark hair. Paqui is our Philosophy teacher. She lives in Granada and she is very elegant. Montse is the French teacher and she lives in Granada, too. She is a pretty and elegant woman.

In this school, there are other teachers, but they don’t teach us this year: Manolo Troya, Mª Carmen Romero, Mª Angustias, Enrique, Jerónimo, Javi, etc.

To sum up, we think we have got very good teachers (he, he,...).

Antonio Jesús Gamarra Sánchez
Fernando Esteban Linares
1ªBachiller A

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