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Last Updated 6/1/2014

eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Pages of TESL links and resources eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Holiday & Celebration Links
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Grammar, Writing, Testing, etc. eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) TESL magazines & Articles
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Phonetics, Listening, Reading, Videos eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Organizations & Publishers
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Vocabulary: Exercises, games, etc.   eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) CALL & New Tecnologies in ELT
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Games,Teaching with Songs, Webquests, Projects eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Software & Teacher Tools
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Reference web sites: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Web Pages Design, Free images & Sounds
eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) News, Music, film, sport & other sites eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Links for Learning Spanish, French & Portuguese
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eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Spanish Teachers of English (& others) eslchico.gif (1137 bytes) Accelerated Learning, NLP and other stuff

Pages of TESL links

Nik's Daily English Activities
Eleaston.com: Materials for Teaching English
Dave’ Esl Café
Classroom English Phrases
Using English for Academic Purposes
TESL Jobs.com
La Mansion del Inglés
Agenda Web: Activities selected by Sergio Peral according to level, topics, etc.
Extensive Reading and Listening Resources
Mª Dolores Ibañez' Cultural Site
Ana Suarez' page
Páginas de Alfonso López
IES for ESO and Bachillerato
English Teacher Margarita: Blog
María Jordano's Pages
Claudio Foti's web site - English and animated gifs
Visi's page
Anglés 365
The Human Being and The Affective Element

Grammar, Writing, Listening, Reading, Testing

Grammar & Writing Help

200 Grammar Topics
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guide to Grammar and Style
The Happy Verby Gang
Grammar Slammer--English Grammar Resource
Grammar Handbook at the Writers' Workshop, University of Illinois
BBC Learning English

Grammar & Writing Practice: Exercises and Quizzes

Selection of Grammar quizzes by Eleaston
Road to Grammar
Azar Grammar.com (for teachers)
Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals
Nik's Daily English Activities
Learning English BBC / and for Kids
Malted exercises
Activities for Esl Students
Grammar Exercises at Isabel's Site
The Happy Verby Gang
Agenda Web: Activities selected by Sergio Peral according to level, topics, etc.
Englisch-hilfen.de (intermediate)
English 4u (intermediate)
Folkuniversitetet Estonia (intermediate)
English Grammar Reference and Exercises (intermediate)
English Specialist Exercises
English Exercises
El Tinglado Blog by Alejandro Valero
Another blog by Alejandro Valero
Il sito di Cyberteacher - Paolo Cutini's
Interactive English by Aurora Gil 
English Tests (go down the page)
BBC World Service Learning English       
English Zone
Business English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises
News Stories with exercises

Pronunciation Practice, Listening & Reading, Video means that in that site you can listen to some material

Phonetics: The Sounds of Speech - The University of Iowa
The Interactive Phonemic Chart
The International Phonetic Alphabet
BBC Learning English: Pronunciation tips
Adult Learning Activities | California Distance Learning Project
Language Guide. org
Breaking News English
Ship or Sheep : minimal pair ESL pronunciation practice - free online
Vaughan Radio 101.0 English- Spanish radio
ESL Pronunciation: Links at The Internet TESL Journal's
Randals' ESL cyber listening lab
Everyday English in Conversation
Light Up Your Brain! - Stories- Listening
Genki Phonics
Music: children songs (music and lyrics)
BBC Education - Words and Games - Sounds
Learning Oral English OnIine
English Language Listening Lab Online
Adult Learning Activities: Listening, Video
ESL : Listening : Podcasts
Interesting Links for English Pronunciation and ESL/EFL
Learning Resources; news, video
Using English for Academic Purposes - Listening
Something Funny to Practise Imperative
BBC - KS2 Revisewise - English
BBC - Audiointerviews
Beginner Dictations by Glenys Hanson
Early learning (BBC for Kids)
Tests & Reading Comprehensions at this site
Ms. Smith's English Page
History Channel Famous Video and Speeches
Listen to Extraordinary Stories from everyday people
Searchable Database by subjects
OM Personal - Curso de Ingles Multimedia Gratis


100 Tests Español- English

Games, Songs, Webquests, Projects, etc.

Nik's Daily English Activities
tMundo is a multilingual on-line game to practice geographical aspects
Daring Reporters. Orator 2005. by Anna Aznar & Jordi Jordan. IES Ronda Lleida
A collection of classic online games for kids of all ages
Free Worksheets for Elementary Grades
Oscars Ceremony and the film "The Queen"
Irish Potato Famine
Thinking Thinking Things from Snaith Primary:s
Teaching with Songs
BBC - KS2 Revisewise - English
Create a Reader
KK grade activities
Sequencing sentences
Riverdeep | Play Online
Songs Connections
Music: children songs (music and lyrics)
Internet Activities for Learners of English
All about Webquests
Englishraven.com! ESL/ EFL Resources
The English Multiverse
Web-based activities by Annie Gwynn
Web based activities by Michelle Henry (he calls them WebQuests but are not, though they are great WebTasks)
Web based activities by Jürgen Wagner (he calls them WebQuests but are not, though they are great WebTasks)
Lesson plans & Teaching Tips
Crosswords and Other Puzzles
Ann's Quizzes: General Knowledge
FunBrains kids Center
BBC _Schools_ Digger Gang
www.4Kids.org Kid Quests
ESL Teacher Resources: crosswords, songs, etc:
Teens Avenue
Welltown: Games & more about keeping healthy and staying safe
English Activities by IES Talavera de la Reina
Student Writings & Projects at Isabel's ESL site
Minessota Orchestra Virtual Tour
Games at OneStopEnglish
Prongo.com Games
SCool Mag
Kids Projects
ESL : Student Projects
Links to other Projects to Join
On-line Projects to Share Culture, Life Styles and Living around the World