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Extensive selection of sites for teachers and students of English and other languages
Last Updated 11/10/2013

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TESL magazines, Articles, Newsletters

It’s For teachers
It’s magazine For teachers and students of English
Hot English Magazine
English Teaching Professional
The Internet TESL Journal
ELT Journal
Applied Linguistics
IATEFL Poland Computer SIG Journal
Cambridge Journals Online
Humanising Language Teaching Magazine
CETA Magazine
Find Articles in Magazines
Multinglés- Selected Articles
NCELA: The National Clearinghouse for EL Acquisition and Language Instruction
ERIC Digests Short Reports on Education
The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal
Reading in a Foreign Language
Newsletter Fremdsprachen
The Educator Reference Desk

CALL & New Tecnologies in ELT


Language Learning & Technology
Technology & Learning Magazine
CALL-EJ Online
Australian Journal of Educational Technology Home Page
Journal of CMC
iT- Links, Information Technology and English Language Teachers
CALICO articles
PixelBit (in Spanish)

Other Stuff

EUROCALL Resources
CALL References for professionals
Vance Stevens's CALL Bibliography
The John and Muriel Higgins Home Page
The Virtual CALL Library
History of CALL
EUROCALL European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning  
CALICO Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium  
IALLT international Association for Language Learning Technology  
ISTE: International Society of Technology in Education
The Learning Technologies Group
Video Interviews with participants in KOTESOL (don't miss it)
Educational Leadership
Technology in Education(articles)
Computer Assisted Language Learning (links)
APALL- Selected Resources for Language Professionals
ICT4LT: Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers
ICT Glossary
Enhancing Learning throught Technology- The AECT Project
Enciclopedia Virtual de Tecnología Educativa
Electronic Village Online 2004 Sessions

Software and Teacher Tools

Authoring programmes

Language Teaching programs from Martin Holmes
Hot Potatoes Home Page
Task Magic: Create interactive games for PC and interactive whiteboard
Racó del Clic
Teaching Tools by Michael Rottmeier
WebQuiz XP
Quiz Faber
Programa Malted (Spanish)
English Cafe: free source code for games and small programmes
LIM Libros Interactivos Multimedia (español)
Ardora (español)
Rayuela (español)
eLearning XHTML editor
Wat's New! Free Web Applications
WebQuestions 2.0 (tutorial in Spanish) download

Templates & wizards

Brenden's Resource Generator
eGames Generator
Arcademic Skill Builders: Online Educational Video Games
Bubbl.us online graphic organizer (projects)
Online Publishing (projects)
Just Crosswords
Glogster: Poster yourself
Flash cards
Headlines -- Makers
Charles Kelly's Bilingual Online Quiz Generator
VLC- Edict- ClozeMaker JavaScript Wizard
VLC- Edict- QuizMaker JavaScript Wizard
Make Your Own Puzzles Online
Discovery school: create your own Crosswords, Quizzes, etc
Thumbstacks.com - Live presentations on the web!
WebAuthor: Make Online Exercises
Quia: Create your own activities
Marmo's JavaScript Templates
Personal Educational Press: free educational worksheets
Zoomerang.com: Surveys
Perseus.com: Surveys
Easy Tests Maker
PowerPoint Templates
FreeMind - free mind mapping software
The Concept Mapping Homepage
Digital Films.com
A Suite of Wizard that create web-based activities
TrackStar: to organize and annotate Web sites
Your Darft.com: publish draft online and share them
EduHound HotList
Learningapps.org quizzes/
WWW For Teachers
Teachers-Pet.org: Free template Tool for Word
Teacher Tools and Templates
Kathy Schrock's page
Word learner
Voice mail
All kind of Generators by Yolanda Egea
50 tools

Teacher webpages & Education Platforms
Nicenet- web-based learning environment for classrooms
Blackbooard Platform
InstantProjects.Org: Educational Technology & Portal Services
Edu 2.0
Teacher Web
My Class.net
Bloki.com: integrates Web hosting, blogs, forums, and online collaboration
Tapped In
Web Tools for Learning is a one-stop resource for university
Open Source Course Management Systems
Personal Web Site
Create Your Own Web Page


Question Mark software
Discovery Educational Software: Toolbox
Personal Educational Press
Educational Software Products

StudyPlan. es: Distribuidor de Software y Cursos online

Call interest Software List by Deborah Healey and Norman Johnson
Clarity Language Consultants Ltd
Educational Software: Xercise Engine

Other Stuff

Tech Trekers
Developing WWW Research Lessons
IPA Typewriter - phonetic transcription
SIL International
IPA Keypad at the University of Victoria
Kristina's CGI Scripts for Educators
Strip Generator
Text-to-Speech authoring tools

Web pages design and other stuff

 Images, Sounds & Videos
Irfanview: editor de imágenes para Windows
Carrefour Éducation (Canada) Mediateca
Image After: free images and Textures
Banco de Imágenes y sonidos del INTEF
Mediateca de Educa Madrid (en varios idiomas) yellowsrtar3.jpg (1192 bytes)
Public Domain Images
PrimLangues - Banques d'images et de sons
Public Domain Images
Edumedia Share
Images at Flickr: Creative Commons
Morguefile free photos (authour should be mentioned or pict should be changed)
Noa The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Photo Library
Image Envision - Royalty-free
Clipart ETC- free collection for teachers and students.
Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin
Wikimedia Commons
Classroom Clipart
Le monde en images
Where you make the image
UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library
PMulticolors Search Lab
Public Domain Photo.org  
Animation Factory - Free Animated GIFs and 3D Clipart - Alphabets
 HTML and other Tutorials
Guía HTML in Spanish
JavaScript for Language Learning
Teacher Web
A Trailguide to Creating Dynamic Web Pages
Creating Language Interactivity on the Web
Free Java Applets
Links to Web Resources
A Guide to Web surfing
Trabajando con la Web
El Código.net
i-españa- Espacio Webmaster
HTML Point.com
PowerPoint tutorials

Accelerated Learning, PNL and other stuff

Aprender a Aprender (Ana Robles)
The Human Being and The Affective Element
NLP in Education (Tom Maguire)
Accelerated Learning Theoretical Tidbits
Teaching Tips
Theories at Argot Library
Presentation Training
Oral presentation


GRETA Andalusia English Teachers Association
CETA Cordoba English Teachers Association
APAC Associació de Professors d'Anglès de Catalunya
TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
IATFL The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreing Language  
CASLT-Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers
AEDEAN Spanish Association for Anglo-American Studies
AESLA Asociación Española de Lingüística Aplicada
EURALEX-European Association for Lexicography
EUROCALL European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning  
CALICO Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium  
IALLT international Association for Language Learning Technology  


Richmond Publishing
Oxford University Press
Cambridge University Press
Longman English Language Teaching
Macmillan English Language Teaching
Burlington Books
W.W. Norton
Penguin USA and UK
ELT Calendar Bookstore

CmC: Chat sites, Mailing Lists, Blogs, etc.

Chat sites

Dave's ESL Cafe
Yahoo Chat
Virtual Reality and Community Chat

Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, etc.

María Jordano's Pages on CmC Research
Tile.net Mailing lists and Newsgroup searcher
CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV® lists
Clasificación temática de las listas de RedIRIS (en español)
Liszt Mailing lists searcher
UK-Schools - List discussion
Yahoo e-Groups
Find and Create an email mailing list
National Academic Mailing List Service