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Last Updated 3/10/2017

Reading & Writing Activities:Reading & Writing Activities:

Interactive exercises and tests

Alcohol and Ecstasy Key Facts
Being different is O.K.
Bill Gates
Business 2
Dancing with Death
Eminem's biography
Fast Food
HIV: How can I protect myself
Holy Week Quiz: Andalusia
Holy Week Quiz: Processions
Holy Week Reading: a newspaper article
Huelma High School
I'm losing patience .....
Is your image more important than being happy
Texting makes breaking up not so hard to do
Sleeping Beauty ( three versions of the story)
Westminster Abbey
Woman finds scorpion in bed

With exercises to do with a word processor

Aibo: a robot (.doc)
A trip to Dublin
Cross-cultural Inquiry: Spain-Ireland
Drunk drivers (.doc)
Eminem's biography (mistakes) (.doc)
Food in Spain
Inside Your House (.doc)
Jamie: a very stubborn child (.doc)
Love is ....
Musicians: Mozart, Elvis, etc.. (.doc)
Penpals & Hobbies (.doc)
Penpal message (.doc)
Professions (.doc)
Pubs in Derry (Nothern Ireland)
Sixth Sense (the film) (.doc)
St. Valentine's Day
Teens and Birth Control
The Lion and The Mouse (Present Tenses)
What did you do last at Christmas?
Other types of reading & writing exercises
Web-based Activities: Reading Comprehensions, Treasure Hunts, Projects, Webquests, etc.
"Selectividad" Tests
A Fantasy Birthday Party
Shopping at Harrod's
A Love Poem- be the author
Appearance- Describe yourself
Eleven Hyperactive Women (for primary)
The Lion and The Mouse (Past Tenses)
Surveys & questionaires